Completing your application

Guidance for completing and submitting your online application.

Before you apply

Make sure that you have read the job profile, and that you carefully follow the application instructions in the job advertisement. 

Speculative applications

We do not accept speculative applications. You can only apply for advertised jobs. However, you can keep informed of new jobs, by setting up automatic email alerts for jobs that match your search criteria.

This will ensure that you are the first to hear about vacancies of interest to you as soon as these are released.

Application types

You could be requested to either complete an application either by submitting a CV, CV and cover letter or an application form.

Accuracy of information

You will need to ensure the information you provide is accurate irrespective of the format requested.

Applicants who conceal or misrepresent relevant information at any stage during the recruitment process are liable to be disqualified.

Relatives of Elected Councillors or Senior Council Officers

If you apply for a job with the council you must tell us if you have any relationship with a councillor or senior officer of the council. If you don’t tell us, you may be disqualified from appointment. Councillors and senior officers must also tell us about any relationship they may have with someone applying to work for the council. 

You must not try to influence any councillor or officer of the council in relation to your job application, or you will be disqualified. This means you must not seek the support of a councillor or officer, or attempt to ask them to influence the decision on who to appoint.

Saving your application

During the application process, you can press the ‘Save’ button at the top of the page at any time.

Clicking the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page will also automatically save the information you have entered. If you do not save your application on a regular basis you risk losing your information.

Problems applying online

We do not accept paper applications. Applications can be submitted electronically by applying online. 

You do not need any additional software on your computer to use this site effectively.

If you are having difficulty in applying online, please contact the Recruitment team on 020 8871 8825 or to see if we can offer alternative arrangements for you to apply.

Once you have submitted your application

When you submit your application, we will send an automated email to your inbox to confirm that you have submitted your application form.

Please note that you may experience a delay in receiving this email. Also, some email providers may flag your confirmation as junk mail (so you may find the email in your junk mail folder rather than your inbox).


Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to make your application form available for editing once it has been submitted.

Withdrawing your application

If you would like to withdraw a submitted application, you’ll need to make contact with the recruitment team.

Phone: 020 8871 8825

Updated: 16 March 2018