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Media organisations must register for accreditation in advance to gain access to the 2022 local election count in Richmond.

Local elections 2022

Local elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday 5 May. Ballots will be counted after polling stations close at 10pm.

The count for all wards in Richmond upon Thames will be held at The Tennis Court Hall, St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham TW1 4SX. Those wanting media accreditation are asked to register in advance to attend.

For media to attend the count, they must be formally accredited. To apply for media accreditation, you must complete and return the form by 5pm on Thursday 28 April.

Those without prior accreditation will not be able to enter the count on the night.

For more information, please contact Effie Lochrane at or call 020 8487 5159.

Please do not contact the university directly.

Before applying for accreditation, please read the below documents:

Download application form (MS Word, 24 KB)

Updated: 23 February 2022

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