Climate Change Summit

This autumn, we held two climate change action summits where over 300 people aged 10 to 92 attended to give their ideas on how we can protect our borough’s future.

About the summits

Three hundred people attended two summits in October to discuss the borough's future Climate Change and Air Quality Strategies – with Sir David Attenborough providing the keynote speech at the young person's event.

On 16 October, Sir David Attenborough spoke to 160 young people aged 11 to 17 years old, from 17 schools across the borough. The event was opened by Cllr Gareth Roberts, the Leader of the Council, along with Joe Crabtree, the borough’s Youth Parliament Member.

Attendees were then able to quiz local environmentalist Sir David Attenborough. They discussed a variety of issues, including the importance for young people to make their views heard about climate change, where he sees the planet in 100 years' time, what can schools do to help and what is the most depressing thing he has seen due to climate change?

The young attendees then worked with representatives from the borough’s Youth Council to feedback what they think should be done locally to reduce the borough’s carbon footprint.

Feedback included; more education in schools, banning single use plastic covers for school books, introducing vegetable gardens at schools, making sure school lunch ingredients are locally sourced, asking schools to do more to encourage people to walk, cycle or get public transport to school each day.

On 19 October, 140 residents then came to York House to discuss the strategies. Workshops on each of the key themes within the strategies (Air, Water, Waste, Nature and Legacy) were hosted by local community representatives who have an interest in each area.

Attendees were aged 10 to 90 years old from wards across the borough. Their ideas for the strategy included safer cycling routes, devoting more resources to engagement, communications and information, alternative porous materials for roads and pavements, changes to planning policy to encourage sustainable development, hold community action days, more provision for electric vehicles and support for local business.

All the feedback from both summits will now be analysed and fed into the draft strategies to be published later this year.

Watch the highlights video from the Youth Summit

Watch the highlights video from the General Summit

Updated: 12 February 2020