Your Barnes, Your Say

This where you can find out the latest things going on in your local area, download your village newsletter, see the All in One survey results for your area and the issues discussed at your village planning event.

All in one

Village Plans

The information and ideas generated from the all in one survey and village planning events has now been put into 14 Village Plans. View the Barnes Village Plan.

All in one Survey results

1174 people who responded to the All in One survey lived in Barnes

Around 95% of you were satisfied with your area as a place to live.

The things that were most important in making it a good place to live included:

  • 72% - Local parks and open spaces
  • 39% - Level of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • 39% - Shopping in your local high street
  • 38% - Public transport
  • 18% - Amount of litter and/or cleanliness of streets
  • 18% - Waste and/or recycling

The things that most needed improving in your area included:

  • 35% - Condition of pavements
  • 30% - Traffic and/or levels of congestion
  • 26% - Shopping in your local high street
  • 23% - Condition of roads
  • 23% - Support for local businesses

You can read the full survey results report for Barnes(pdf, 4069KB).

Your village planning event

Nearly 100 people attended the All in One area planning meeting for Barnes on Saturday 18 June 2011 in the Barnes Green Day Centre. Residents were invited to review the results from Barnes. They also had the chance to share ideas with local Councillors, officers and other local organisations such as the Police and local Business Association about what could be done together to address the issues.

The video below captures some of the views of other residents in your local area.

Updated: 13 June 2017