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(a)  To confirm as a correct record of proceedings.


(b)  Feedback from the previous meeting.


(a) To confirm as a correct record of proceedings


The Councillors noted that the Hampton Society had expressed views on the Hampton Improvement Scheme at the previous Area Consultation Meeting (ACM), in particular they had raised concerns about the Manor Gardens proposed changes.


With this addition, the ward Councillors agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2009 were a correct record.


(b) Feedback from the previous meeting


Hampton [Traffic] Improvement Scheme: The meeting was advised that work was continuing on the design of the traffic signals and traffic modelling in order to gain approval from Transport for London (TfL) for the scheme. The possibility of placing a mini roundabout at the junction of Station Road and High Street was also being examined. The work was envisaged to begin in the 2010/11 financial year with preparatory work beginning in the Spring (subject to approval).


The Council had conducted individual household consultation and had consulted at the previous Hampton ACM. There had also been detailed discussion about the scheme at the Transport Consultative Group on 20 May 2009 which had been open to the public. A resident enquired as to what the ‘preparatory work’ would entail and to what extent the plans for the scheme had been altered as a result of consultation.


[The Council’s Transport Planning Engineer has subsequently responded that “work on detailed design and traffic modelling for the junction at Thames Street and High Street and at Church Street and High Street junction are still ongoing, meaning there will be no site works (including preparatory works) this financial year.”]


The bus lane on Hampton Court Road was discussed. It had been extended to the Hampton Court roundabout. Residents reported that this was causing more congestion and it was now more difficult for visitors of Hampton Court Palace to park in the area. Residents suggested that the bus lane could be used in peak hours only, to ease the problems.  Councillors agreed to investigate this suggestion.


Bus Route 111: At the previous meeting it was suggested that the 111 bus service should be reviewed as residents were often finding it to be full before it reached Hampton. Following a request from the Council, TfL had agreed to increase the frequency of the service to run every 8-9 minutes on a weekday and additional services would be provided from Hounslow to Kingston and Heathrow during the weekday mornings. TfL had also agreed to use the new quieter double-deck buses for this route. This would begin in May 2010.


A resident queried the need for the increase in frequency, stating that the 111 service was underused in the middle of the day and at night in the Hampton area. The Councillors informed the meeting that a suggestion to replace the double-decker bus with a single-decker at Hampton had been investigated by the Cabinet Member for Traffic, Transport and Parking, but that a suitable location for the double-decker to terminate could not been found. Another resident suggested that the double-decker was not required for any of the route at night, and perhaps a single-decker could be used throughout the route after a designated hour. Councillors agreed to approach TfL about this idea.


Speeding: It was debated whether local buses were speeding at night. Councillors reported that a 24 hour speed survey had been carried out and it was found that buses were not speeding.The method used to measure speeding was discussed. Residents stated that current speeding figures used within the ward were based on 85% of traffic speeds, meaning that the highest speeds were overlooked. Sgt Cook responded that the police had carried out spot checks in areas of concern such as Cambridge Road, and they had not found any speeding.


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