Try it festival

TRY IT will return in 2016


The borough played host to Rugby World Cup 2015 and it was our opportunity to showcase the borough to the rest of London, the UK and the world.

Alongside the Rugby, we designed a programme of activity called the ‘TRY IT’ Festival, which included over 160 events. The events were organised into five different categories, music and drama, sports, arts, parks and Fanzone.

As part of being a host city, we organised an official Fanzone in Old Deer Park, which included free entry to watch matches on large screens, refreshments and space for the official Tournament Sponsors. On non-match days, the Fanzone included ticketed events, showcasing big-name comedy and musical performances. We worked in partnership with event organisers 'Underbelly' to deliver the Fanzone.

Key objectives of TRY IT Festival:

  • To promote the borough as a premier destination for national and international visitors
  • To engage with residents and visitors to take part in events and ensure all ticketed events are sold
  • To ensure that Try It Festival visitors enjoy the experience

Stay informed

TRY IT Festival will return in 2016. To find out more contact us by email at

Updated: 18 May 2017