Village Plan for the Teddington area

Your Teddington


Thank you to everyone who attended our consultation events and filled out our questionnaire over the summer. Your Village Plan will be updated in April 2017.

Hampton Wick and Teddington’s Village Planning Guidance Document will be published in May 2017. The Village Planning Guidance Document will describe the character of Teddington and Hampton Wick and is intended to guide future planning decisions in the area.

Improving Your Teddington

We listened to what you said you would like to see improved in Teddington as part of the Village Planning programme and have worked with local communities and partners to make it happen. Please click on the Key Issues tab above to get up to date information on each topic.

Here are some of the most important things you wanted to see happen in your area and what has been achieved so far:

Improvements to Elmfield and Jubilee Gardens

Improvements were made to both Elmfield and Jubilee Gardens in 2013. In Jubilee Gardens an open space has been created for sitting and relaxing. Work in Elmfield Gardens included new hedge bulb and sustainable planting, the creation of a central seating area, footpath improvements, tree works and new park furniture.

Better roads and pavements

You wanted to see better roads and pavements in Teddington. You said that cracked pavements were a hazard, particularly for the elderly, disabled and very young, and potholes a hazard for motorists and cyclists. The Council offers a specific annual funding pot of £35,000 per village area through the Community Road and Pavement Fund, to improve them. Here is a list of our improvements in Teddington.

  • Cambridge Crescent – footway repairs
  • Cambridge Road – footway repairs
  • Elmfield Avenue – improved road surface
  • Luther Road – Improved road surface
  • Broom Park – Footway repairs
  • Cambridge Road – Footway repairs
  • Atbara Road – Improved road surface

Facility upgrades at Teddington Pools and Fitness Centre

Upgrade of the changing rooms took place in January 2013 at a cost of £130,000. Also a new spin studio and enhanced reception was completed in January 2014 at a cost of £180,000.

Improvements to Teddington Lock

The Council was awarded match funding by TFL from its Greenway Fund which we used to carry out enhancements to Teddington Lock bridge, including new surfacing and a new lighting scheme for the bridge that keeps light pollution to a minimum. Improvements were completed in March 2013.

Cycling improvements

The Council and South West Trains has jointly funded a secure cycle parking area at Teddington station. Improvements have also been made to the western part of the High Street/Waldegrave Road junction to improve cycle safety.

Affordable homes in Teddington

Sixty nine affordable homes have been provided in Teddington Village including the recently completed 29 units at Elmtree Road/Somerset Road between April 2010 and March 2014.

Aim of Village Plan

The Village plan describes a vision for Teddington and identifies what the council will do and what local people can do to achieve the vision together. It sets out the key issues and priorities and provides background information on Teddington.

A Vision for the Teddington Area

The Council has developed the vision by:

  • Asking local people and businesses what is important to them in the All in One survey and other consultations.
  • Using current plans, policies and projects, the links to which are included in the Plan.

The vision for Teddington is that it will continue to be a thriving district centre with a wide range of shops, employment, and leisure, cultural and social facilities to meet the needs of the local community.

Teddington is a long established centre providing a wide range of shops and services as well as cultural opportunities.  It provides a successful balance of multiple and independent shops and services and the vacancy rate is consistently low. The town centre provides a wide range of employment opportunities including the National Physical Laboratory to the west and the Haymarket offices and Teddington Studios to the east.

The High Street is a designated conservation area and it retains some 17th and 18th century buildings as well as an attractive mix of Victorian and Edwardian shopping parades (some with original shop fronts) and artisan cottages in small side streets. Broad Street is also mainly Victorian and Edwardian with some more modern retail units. At times there are heavy volumes of traffic through the centre.

Outside the town centre Teddington is mainly residential. It is largely Victorian or Edwardian in character comprising uniform terraced and semi detached houses in avenues of mature trees. There are local shopping parades at Stanley Road and Kingston Road.

The area is largely defined by Bushy Park to the south and the River Thames and related open spaces to the east. Teddington Lock provides a pedestrian and cycle link to Ham and Petersham.

The vision for Teddington is that it will continue to be a thriving district centre with a wide range of shops, employment, and leisure, cultural and social facilities to meet the needs of the local community. There is the opportunity to improve the public realm in the Causeway and Broad Street.

The attractive built environment, extensive open areas and riverside will continue to be protected, enhanced and enjoyed by residents.

The impacts of through traffic will be reduced and parking managed to ensure that residents can access their centre and enjoy the amenities of the area and its surroundings.

How we came up with the area covered by the Plan

In our All in One survey in 2010, we asked people to tell us what they considered to be their ‘local area’. We used the information residents gave us to draw up the village area shown on this map. The boundaries are not prescriptive; villages overlap and people can choose whichever area they most identify with and contribute to any of the Village Plans. Anyone who lives close to a village area – or who works there or has some other connection – is welcome to make comments about the village plan or get involved in making the area better, even if they do not live within the village boundary as shown here.

The Teddington area includes parts of the Fulwell and Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick and Teddington wards.

The old village is the High Street and pre-railway development in the Park Road area. With the coming of the railway Teddington rapidly grew into a town.

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