Statement regarding cycle lanes in Twickenham

Richmond Council Spokesperson said:

“As part of the Council’s consultation into proposals to improve Twickenham Town Centre and reduce the impact of traffic, 67% of people who took part were not in favour of the cycle lanes being removed from London Road.

“The cycle lanes are currently disjointed and only cover part of London Road. They are also not joined up to the High Street. Whilst no decision has been made on the future of the lanes, due to the feedback in the consultation the Council are now considering installing advisory cycle lanes throughout the town centre in King St and London Road in both directions. In peak periods vehicular traffic would use these lanes but for the greater part of the day they would be used by cyclists. These cycle lanes would increase cycle safety throughout the town centre and would also help to encourage cars and other vehicles to stay in the central lanes in off peak periods, therefore keeping their distance from pedestrians.

“The detailed decisions in respect of the scheme and any adjustments to be made in response to the consultation will be made at the next Cabinet Meeting on the 18th October. “

Updated: 22 April 2014