What happens to your recycling

Find out what happens to your recycling after we collect it.

How it works

Food waste and garden waste are composted.

Paper, cardboard and cartons are collected, mixed together and taken to the depot in Twickenham and then transported to a mill for reprocessing by Newport Paper Limited. Paper and cardboard are recycled back into paper and cardboard products.

Cans, foil, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars and other mixed plastic containers are collected, mixed together and taken initially to the Council depot and then transported to Veolia's materials recovery facility in Rainham. They use mainly mechanical processes to separate the materials. Once separated they are sold on to reprocessors and recycled as follows:

  • Glass is remelted to make new bottles, jars and aggregate
  • Steel cans are recycled into new cans
  • Aluminium cans are recycled into new cans
  • Plastic bottles and containers are recycled into fleeces, pillows or more packaging

Textiles, clothes and shoes are collected and recycled by The European Recycling Company.

Updated: 7 December 2016