Other ways to recycle garden waste

We have a garden recycling collection service for most of your garden waste. Here are some other ways that you can recycle your garden waste.


You can create your own compost using your kitchen and garden waste. You will be helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle, plus save money on buying compost. A wormery is also a good way to create compost, and is ideal for small houses and flats.

Getcomposting.com has a useful guide to composting.

Buy a compost bin

You can buy compost bins from the following places:


Grasscycling is a way of recycling your grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn when mowing. This practice is beneficial to your lawn, reduces waste going to landfill and saves time bagging and disposing of grass cuttings.

Guidelines for grasscycling

  • Cut no more than 1/3 the length of the grass
  • Cut when the grass is dry to the touch
  • Cut when the height is between 3 and 4 inches (7 to 10cm)
  • Ensure the mower blade is sharp

Water butts

A good way to recycle rainwater is by using a water butt. Rainwater can be collected and used on the garden and to water pot plants.

Thames Water offers a discounted recycled water butt to all its customers. For more information visit the Thames Water website.


A wormery is a small self contained unit that will compost soft organic kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and stale bread. As it is small it can be kept in a garage, shed or even on a balcony. The wormery will produce compost for pot plants and a liquid plant food.

For more detailed information about wormeries and troubleshooting go to the Worm City website.

Buy a wormery

You can:

Updated: 19 August 2014