Request to bid on an asset of community value

The Localism Act 2011 gives community groups the right to develop a bid and raise the money to buy property or land (known as assets) included in the list of assets of community value.


If the owner of buildings or land on the list of assets of community value notifies us that they intend to dispose of their asset, then we must share this information with the community and will update the list of assets to indicate the owner’s intention.

Some types of disposal are exempt from the provisions of the Community Right to Bid scheme, but if the scheme applies then a six-week window of opportunity (known as a moratorium period) will be triggered. During this time, the owner cannot dispose of the asset.

If you wish to be treated as a potential bidder for an asset you must be eligible and notify us.

Before you start

To be eligible, your group must have a local connection. This means that that your group's activities – and any surplus it makes – must wholly or partly benefit the local authority's area or a neighbouring authority's area.

In addition your group must be either:

  • a charity,
  • a community interest company,
  • a company limited by guarantee which does not distribute any surplus it makes to its members; or
  • an industrial and provident society which does not distribute any surplus it makes to its members.

You must check when you can make a request. Once your group expresses an interest in bidding then a longer moratorium period will be triggered, lasting six months from the date when the intention to sell was announced. During this period the owner cannot dispose of the asset so your group can prepare your bid.

You must request to become a bidder before the end of the initial six-week moratorium period, the dates of which are indicated on the list of assets of community value.

What happens next

We will evaluate your request and then acknowledge in writing whether or not the full moratorium period will be triggered. We may request proof of your organisation’s structure as part of this process.

Request to become a bidder

Updated: 20 November 2017