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Find out about Civic Pride Fund grants awarded in Richmond and Richmond Hill.

Grants awarded
Group Total Date Details

Museum of Richmond

(Charity registration number: 295164)

£5,000 June 2015

The Museum of Richmond will be organising an exhibition on the history of WWII and its impact on the borough and local residents.

Residents will be sharing their personal stories related to Richmond during WWII and sending artefacts for donation or loan to the museum for display in the exhibition.

Museum of Richmond

(Charity registration number: 295164)

£5,000 December

The organisation received funding towards a temporary exhibition on the history of Old Palace Lane, Richmond.

Old Palace Lane has a varied history and can almost be viewed as a history of Richmond in microcosm, beginning in the medieval period. The project involves carrying out research on the various physical elements of the lane also the varied classes of people who have lived there over the centuries. As well as personal stories, the project will unearth details of how Richmond’s industries and infrastructure has changed over the centuries. The end result will be an exhibition that will help residents and tourists learn more about this location and how Richmond has developed over the centuries.

Richmond Sea Cadets

(Charity registration number: 269039)

£5,000 October
The grant paid towards the purchase of a portacabin to add a meeting room and kitchen to the cadets' existing site and to provide additional facilities for teaching mechanical engineering and catering.

Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Benevolent Fund

(Charity registration number: 1024418)

£1,000 October
The organisation received funding towards the erection ceremony for the installation of a blue plaque at the home of Lt Gen The Rt Hon Lord Freyberg VC GCMG KCG KBE DSO***, on the centenary of the award of his VC.
The Vineyard Congregational Church £5,000 June
The organisation received funding to assist with the capital costs of refurbishing the Vineyard Community Centre and the Church building to improve visitor accessibility and make the venue disability friendly.
The O’Higgins Institute (London) £1,280 October

The organisation received funding to erect an interpretive lectern in O’Higgins Square, Richmond, where there is a statue of General Bernardo O’Higgins, 1778 - 1842, Chilean statesman, liberator of his country, and who lived and studied in Richmond upon Thames, 1795 - 1798.

The lectern is designed to give both residents and visitors more information about O’Higgins and his relationship to Richmond and why he is remembered at the square.

River Thames Boat Project

(Charity registration number: 1080281)

£3,601 October
River Thames Boat Project would like to show local people that the River Thames is abundant with life, both above and below the water. The grant was used to purchase an underwater video camera that links to a laptop on board the Thames Venturer. The funding enables schools groups and elderly and disabled clients who visit the boat to see what is living in the river. The project meets priority 1 of the Civic Pride Fund.

The Richmond Society

(Charity registration number: 285805)

£5,000 June
The funding was used to restore a Grade II listed Cattle Fountain Canopy located outside the gates of Richmond Park.
William Sumners £1,000 June
The grant enabled two musical performances to be hosted at White Lodge, Richmond.
Friends of Richmond Green £5,000 June
The organisation received funding to install Queen Elizabeth II crested bollards on Richmond Green in commemoration of the Queen’s Jubilee. The reinstallation of the bollards, which existed pre war, aim to make Richmond Green more attractive and distinctive. The bollards are in keeping with the history and heritage of the Green while at the same time marking a very major achievement by Queen Elizabeth II.
Grey Court Parent Association £5,000 October
The grant assisted with the cost of installing new entrance gates to listed building Newman House which is in a conservation area and forms part of Grey Court School. As well as improving the aesthetic appearance of the street and public realm, the gates bring improved security and access for children and users of Newman House.

Museum of Richmond

(Charity registration number: 295164)

£700 July 2012 The funding was used towards the cost of a '1948 Olympics in Richmond' project. A curatorial working group, formed of 14 gifted and talented students, curated a display on the impact of the 1948 Olympic Games on Richmond. A free exhibition promoting the history and heritage of the borough was held in the Museum of Richmond.

Orange Tree Theatre

(Charity registration number: 266128)

£1,640 March
The grant went towards the cost of arranging a theatrical production that is part of a UK-wide festival involving youth theatres and schools.

Thames Explorer Trust

(Charity registration number: 1010903)

£1,280 May 2012 Over the summer holidays the organisation hosted activities for 1000 disadvantaged children between the ages of 0 and 18, accommodating up to 120 children and 20 adults per day. The activities were designed to make the River Thames and its adjacent greenspaces in the borough of Richmond upon Thames more enjoyable and accessible. This project enabled disadvantaged children, who had never before experienced the River Thames in Richmond, the chance to explore the river, both by boat and on foot.

The Vineyard Community Centre

(Charity registration number: 1143951)

£5,000 January
The grant was used towards the cost of establishing a Foodbank franchise. The project was intended to provide short-term interventions for individuals and families experiencing a temporary shortage of food, due to financial constraints.

The Victoria Foundation

(Charity registration number: 292841)

£1,500 January
The grant went towards the cost of Richmond’s Victorian Evening.

The Vineyard Community Centre

(Charity registration number: 1143951)

£5,000 January
The grant was used towards the initial costs involved with the start-up of the Community Centre. The Centre has been refurbished and offers short term support and help for people in personal crisis and the homeless.

Visually Impaired Society Of Richmond (VISOR)

(Charity registration number: 1090135)



A grant was awarded to enable the organisation to organise a Christmas Celebration at Pembroke Lodge as a special thank you to their service users for their contribution to local consultations.

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