Order a grit bin or grit refill

Use this form to order a grit bin or grit refill.

Before you start

Please be aware that grit bins cost £487 each (inc VAT) and refills are available for £150.

We will not collect bins at the end of winter.

You will need

Your address details.

What happens next

Each request for a grit bin is assessed for suitability, as the bin will need to sit on your property but adjacent to a public highway.

The highways officer will contact and visit the site within 5 working days. Once the bin location has been agreed, we will call you to make payment with a credit/debit card. Credit card payments are subject to a handling fee. There is no handling fee for debit card payments.

If purchasing a refill you will be contacted within 5 working days.

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Updated: 5 October 2017