Road gritting

Our winter gritting service ensures that, where reasonably practical, main roads are kept clear of snow and ice and entrances to important public buildings remain accessible.

We use precautionary gritting from October to April to prevent the build up of ice on selected roads.

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A gritting lorry in snowy conditions

Extreme weather

In times of heavy snow we will also clear selected footways, pavements and smaller roads. This includes:

  • Footways in town centres, station forecourts, footbridges near to and adjacent to schools, care homes and hospitals
  • Footways and roads with steep slopes or inclines
  • Smaller roads (which will be gritted once the precautionary roads are gritted and there is some certainty that they will remain open)

View a list of secondary roads cleared in extreme conditions.

Concerns about your road

If you have a concern about road gritting in your area please complete an online form or call the contact centre on 020 8891 1411.

Winter service plan

Our winter plan sets out in detail how we will respond to snow and freezing weather conditions.

View the full Winter Service Plan(pdf, 990KB).

Your views count

Your feedback is always useful. Please send your thoughts on our Winter Service Plan to: - (please note we are unable to respond to queries about road gritting. If you have a concern about your road please use the details given further up this page).

Purchase a grit bin or a grit refill

We now sell grit bins costing £442 each. They are ideal for community groups, schools and large organisations, but anyone can request one. The bins are delivered full of grit, and come with a shovel and a lockable lid. Refills are available for £136.

Each request for a grit bin is assessed for suitability, as the bin will need to sit on your property but adjacent to a public highway.

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Updated: 5 December 2017