Statutory Office (Richmond upon Thames Register Office)

This room is only available on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am, 10am or 10.30am.

About the Statutory Office

There are several rooms within our offices that are licensed as 'Richmond upon Thames Register Office'. All these rooms are working offices, and the room that your ceremony will take place in will depend on availability due to other appointments: you will not be able to choose the room. Please note our terms and conditions for using this room, shown below, and that this room is not the same venue as our licenced ceremony rooms at York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham.

You should note that a notice of marriage / civil partnership is 'venue specific', which means that your ceremony can only take place in the premises specified on your notice. Before giving notice, you should be sure of the venue that you wish to hold your ceremony in, and make a booking for that venue. If you change your mind, please be aware that you will need to give fresh notice for your confirmed choice of venue, and pay the statutory fees again: see Giving Notice for further details.

By choosing to have your ceremony in the statutory room, you accept that:

  • Only two guests will be in attendance – these two guests will act as your witnesses. Please note that it is not possible for Registration Officers to act as witnesses, and that witnesses cannot be provided for you.
  • Your two witnesses must both be able to speak and understand English, although it does not have to be their first language. You do not have to know your witnesses personally; or they can be relatives or friends. The witnesses do not need to bring any identification with them.
  • No provision will be made, should you arrive with more than your two witnesses.
  • Children will not be able to attend the ceremony.
  • Your ceremony will not include any enhancements such as music, poetry or readings, or personalised vows - although you can exchange rings if you wish.
  • You cannot take photographs or videos within the statutory room, but can use the gardens for photographs if you wish.

For information about fees, visit the registration service fees page.

Contact us for further information.

Updated: 26 June 2017