Sport, open space and recreation needs assessment

In 2015, we carried out detailed assessments of the borough’s sport, open space and recreational facilities, including playing pitches and play space provision. 

The Playing Pitch Assessment and Strategy were updated in March 2018.

What we have done

A comprehensive audit and assessment of existing provision of all types of open spaces, sport and recreational facilities, including the quality of supply and their condition, was carried out in 2015. The expected future demand for facilities, specific needs and opportunities up to 2025 was also assessed.

The Playing Pitch Assessment and Strategy were updated in March 2018 to comply with recommendations by Sport England. This work was carried out to update supply and demand data, while also validating and adding new context to reflect key changes since the initial research was conducted. The key priorities and issues have been updated in the Strategy accordingly.

The outcomes are reported in the following separate reports:

  • Playing Pitch Assessment 2018 (pdf, 1806KB) - a detailed assessment and analysis of all playing fields and outdoor sports spaces including football pitches, cricket pitches, rugby union pitches, artificial grass pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens.
  • Playing Pitch Strategy 2018 (pdf, 1403KB) - building on the Playing Pitch Assessment, this Strategy provides the strategic framework and recommendations for the borough’s playing fields and sports pitches.
  • Indoor Sports Facility Needs Assessment 2015 (pdf, 2499KB) - a detailed assessment, including a supply and demand analysis, of indoor sports facilities including swimming pools, sports halls, health and fitness facilities and squash.
  • Open Space Assessment 2015 (pdf, 806KB) - a detailed assessment of the borough’s open space provision including its condition, distribution and overall quality, covering parks and gardens, natural and semi-natural greenspaces, amenity greenspaces, play provision, allotments, cemeteries and civic spaces.

Updated: 27 June 2018