Hold an activity in a park or open space

To hold a fitness training or small group activity session you will need to obtain a permit from the Parks and Open Spaces team. This enables us to manage activities (in respect of safety, usage levels and potential conflict), ensuring the parks are protected and access is maintained.

Who needs to apply for a permit?

Organisers of all fitness training and small-group activities must apply, including:

  • commercial services such as fitness training activities e.g. personal trainers, boot camps, group exercise or fitness classes.
  • educational activities e.g. educational workshops and forest schools.
  • other small group activities, which do not otherwise constitute an event (‘small’ is defined as 50 or fewer people).

You must submit a separate application for each site you wish to use.

You will need

Full details of the proposed activity, including:

  • A description of the activity
  • Dates and times it will run
  • The correct name for your proposed site
  • Names of all activity providers
  • Details of experience and and qualifications held by registrant/providers
  • Details for invoicing and payment related queries
  • The maximum number of participants you would allow at each session (permit fees will be based on anticipated maximum attendance, at the time of application, not actual attendance on the day - see the fees and charges(pdf, 256KB) sheet for further details)

You will also be asked to upload the following documents:

  • A site map which names the site you wish to use and defines the boundaries your proposed activities will take place within
  • Your emergency procedures (e.g. emergency arrangements, cluster points, access points, named responsible person, contact details, first aid arrangements, nearest hospital)
  • A completed risk assessment for your proposed activity
  • A completed child protection policy and DBS certification, if applicable
  • A passport-style photo (if registering as an individual) or digital company logo (if registering as a company)
  • REPS Level 3 fitness qualifications, if registering as an individual, if applicable
  • Proof of public liability insurance (£5 million cover)

If any documents are not yet available, you can opt to email them to parkevents@richmond.gov.uk. Your application will not be processed until all supporting documents have been received.

Before you start

Do not complete this form if you wish to:

Read our fees and charges(pdf, 256KB) and terms and conditions(pdf, 136KB) carefully before you apply.


You must submit your application form and supporting documents within the following timescales:

  • 10 weeks before the proposed start date, if you are a new applicant or wish to make changes to pre-existing arrangements.
  • 28 days before the proposed start date, if you wish to renew pre-existing arrangements. Ongoing agreements should be renewed annually beginning on 1 April.

Make an application

There are two steps to follow:

Step 1: make an initial enquiry

Send an initial enquiry email to parkevents@richmond.gov.uk, so that we can confirm you are making the right type of application and offer advice on the viability of your proposal. Please include:

  1. A few sentences to introduce yourself/your company and your experience and qualifications in delivering such activities
  2. A site map showing the proposed location for the activity
  3. An overview of the proposed activity
  4. Details of any proposed infrastructure/equipment to be brought to the site
  5. Dates and times of proposed the activity
  6. Anticipated attendance

We will assess your enquiry and let you know if you may proceed to make a full application.

Step 2: apply

You should only submit your full application when the events team have confirmed you may do so.

Start my application

Updated: 6 October 2017