Free IT taster sessions

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide free IT taster sessions - whether you are a complete beginner, need to refresh your knowledge, or just want to know what the Internet is all about.

If you need more long-term or advanced training than our taster sessions provide, our staff may be able to help you find a suitable course in your area.

Library members can join our IT mailing list to receive details of special taster sessions and IT events. Contact your library or email

Taster sessions at the Information & Reference Library

Getting Started

Mouse Skills, Keyboard Skills, Introduction to the Internet, Organising your Folders and Files

Using the Internet

Internet Basics, Email (Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!), Searching the Internet

Online Plus

Online Shopping and Banking, Research Your Family History, Homework and Study

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs

Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations

Word, Excel Basics, PowerPoint Basics

Laptops and Tablet Devices

Laptops, Apple iPads, Android Tablets

For more details download our Taster Sessions leaflet(pdf, 190KB) or contact the Information and Reference Library.

Self Learning

If you want to learn or practice on your own we recommend and

Learn My Way is useful for anyone without basic online skills, or for people looking to improve their existing digital knowledge. If a centre code is required, please use 1622.

Taster sessions in local libraries

A range of IT taster sessions are also available in local libraries, either at set times or by arrangement. Please contact your local library for further details or to book a session.

Taster sessions
Library Day of the month Time Contact
Castelnau Saturdays by arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3350
East Sheen By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3337
Ham By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3354
Hampton By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3347
Hampton Hill By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3320
Hampton Wick By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3358
Kew By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3352
Reference Every Day Please enquire 020 8734 3308
Richmond Second Wednesday 10am to 1pm 020 8734 3330
Teddington By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3304
Twickenham Every Wednesday 2.30 to 4.30pm 020 8734 3340
Whitton By arrangement Please enquire 020 8734 3343

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Updated: 16 January 2018