KYPSnap Landmark Trail

Join our KYPSnap Landmark Trail taking place throughout August and September. 

Fans of the KYPcache treasure trail will enjoy this new adventure.

About the trail

Follow the clues and they will take you to 30 famous landmarks in Richmond upon Thames. The historical information will help you locate precisely where to go, and tell you a bit about your location.

When you have found the spot take a selfie and email it to

KYPSnap clues 2017 (pdf, 164 KB)


Prizes for taking part in the KYPSnap:

  • Gold medals for anyone who sends in 30 photographs
  • Silver and bronze medals for those who don't get to 30


To find out more contact us by email, or phone 020 8734 3309.


Updated: 2 August 2017