Housing strategies

Our housing strategies set out the goals we wish to achieve for our residents and the approach we will take to achieve them.

Housing Strategy 2013-17

Our Housing Strategy sets out the plans for housing for the period 2013 to 2017. The Housing Strategy is organised into five key themes:

  1. Good quality homes
  2. Supporting residents; delivering affordable homes
  3. Supporting residents; addressing housing market pressures and homelessness
  4. Supporting residents; choice, standards and quality for renters
  5. The connectivity of housing to people and place; housing contributions to health, wellbeing and the economy

Download our Housing Strategy 2013-17(pdf, 1462KB)

Umbrella strategy

As an 'umbrella strategy', the Housing Strategy references and builds on existing strategic housing documents.

These include:

Earlier housing strategies and policies

Earlier strategies remain relevant to guide current policies and work.

More about our earlier strategies and policies

Updated: 28 March 2018