Access to CON29 information

The Local Land Charges department no longer acts as a One Stop Shop for search information and has ceased providing an the enhanced service of compiled and validated CON29R information.

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How to request information

Con29R and Con29O information can be inspected under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR).

You need to contact the relevant department responsible for each data area. Each request will be considered on an individual basis, as the information held may not meet the requirements of EIR, or may need to be redacted.

You will be able to access information, which is available under EIR, for up to 20 days after the request is made.

CON29R question areas
Question Department Responsible Contact Location
1.1 a-i Planning Planning search or pre-1977 cases on Microfiche via planning reception Website/Civic Centre
1.1 j-l Building Control My Richmond lookup Civic Centre
1.2 Planning Policy Read our planning policy Civic Centre
2.1 Highways and Transport Civic Centre
2.2 Highways and Transport Public Rights of Way  
3.1 Planning Civic Centre
3.2 Highways and Transport Civic Centre
3.3 Drainage

We are not aware of any Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) - you should contact Thames Water or other relevant management company

3.4 Highways and Transport Civic Centre
3.5 Highways and Transport Civic Centre
3.6 Highways and Transport Civic Centre
3.7 a Building Control Civic Centre
3.7 b-d & f Environmental Health (for residential properties) (for commercial premises)
Civic Centre
3.7 e Highways and Transport Civic Centre
3.7g Flood and Coastal Erosion Read our local flood risk management strategy  
3.8 Building Control Civic Centre
3.9 a-l Appeals and Enforcement Civic Centre
3.9 m Trees Team Civic Centre
3.9 n Appeals and Enforcement Civic Centre
3.10 Planning Policy Civic Centre
3.11 Planning Policy View our conservation areas  
3.12 Compulsory Purchase  York House
3.13 Planning Policy View our conservation areas  
3.13 Special Projects Contact Contaminated Land Team Civic Centre
3.14 Radon Affected Areas n/a n/a
3.15 Babcock International Community Right to Bid - Enquiries to, or telephone 0345 468 2430 n/a
CON29O question areas


Question Area Department Responsible
4 Road Proposals Transport Planning
5 Advertisements Planning
6 Completion Notices Planning
7 Parks and Countryside Planning
8 Pipelines Refer to Transco / Thames Water
9 Houses in Multiple Occupation Residential and Environmental Health
10 Noise Abatement Residential and Environmental Health
11 Urban Development Areas Residential and Environmental Health
12 Enterprise Zones/BID/Local Development Orders Planning Policy
13 Inner Urban Improvement Areas Planning Policy
14 Simplified Planning Zones Planning Policy
15 Land Maintenance Notices Planning Policy
16 Mineral Consultation Zones N/A
17 Hazardous Substance Consents Planning
18 Environment and Pollution Notices Residential and Environmental Health
19 Food Safety Notices Residential and Environmental Health
20 Hedgerow Notices Planning
21 Flood Defence and Land Drainage Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
22 Common Land and Village Green Local Land Charges

Updated: 1 March 2018