Flooding and insurance

It is most important to seek the best possible insurance cover for your home and contents - it is too late to consider this after a flood. Further information may be obtained by from the website of the Association of British Insurers or telephone them on 020 7600 3333.

Contacting your insurance company

Contact your insurance company immediately if your home has flooded, the majority of household policies provide insurance cover for flooding. If you are a tenant and have taken out contents insurance, household contents, fixtures and fittings should be covered; it is normally the responsibility of your landlord to provide building insurance. However you are advised to check your policy.

If you are uninsured you will most likely be responsible for covering all costs of flood damage.

Remember to keep records of flood damage (for example photos).

If floodwater has damaged your property

If you are the property owner and insured, your insurers will most probably appoint a structural engineer or loss adjuster to carry out an assessment of your property and arrange repairs. If you are uninsured you may have to arrange this yourself. If you are a tenant, you may be responsible for the repairs, depending on your property owner. Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for further advice.

If your home is uninhabitable, and you are insured your insurers may help you arrange emergency accommodation, if you are uninsured or a tenant and are made homeless in an emergency, contact the Council's Housing Services. They may be able to arrange for emergency temporary housing.

Insurance Related Requests (IRR)

In some cases, insurance companies may ask their customers to provide more information on the flood risk in their area. The Environment Agency is able to produce Insurance Related Requests for information (IRR) in the form of a letter. The letter will provide information such as the likelihood category of the area of land which your property is within and whether they have any schemes planned to improve the standard of protection in your area.

If your insurance company have specifically asked you to obtain an IRR, telephone 08708 506 506 and ask to speak to the External Relation team for your area.

Please note that the Environment Agency charge a fee for this letter.

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Updated: 30 October 2014