Advice if you are flooded

If you are concerned about flooding you can call us on 020 8891 1411. If you are in a life threatening situation, dial the emergency services on 999.

In the event of flooding


  • Stay calm.
  • Check that neighbours know about any flood warnings issued.  If you know that you live in a flood risk area, you may be able to subscribe to the free Environment Agency automated flood warning system.
  • Switch off gas, water and electricity.
  • Move people and animals to a place of safety.
  • Provide a litter tray for pets and have pet carriers available if possible.
  • Unplug electrical items and store them upstairs if possible. For larger appliances such as fridge/freezer it may be necessary to raise them on bricks.
  • If you can, move furniture, rugs, valuables or sentimental items upstairs
  • Have a supply of drinking water ready in clean bottles or similar containers.
  • Fill the bath and buckets with water for washing etc.
  • Listen to the local radio for up to date news on the flood.
  • Have spare clothes, Wellingtons, waterproofs, torch, batteries, radio and food readily available.
  • If you need to be evacuated because of severe flooding or damage, contact the Police or dial 999.
  • Remember to lock up if you leave your property.
  • If flooding traps you, stay by a window and try to attract attention


  • Throw rubbish into watercourses or leave debris on the banks – it can add to the flooding problem.
  • Try to walk or drive through flood water, there may be hazards you can’t see such as raised manhole covers.
  • Use domestic water supply until you are advised it is safe to drink.
  • Use the flood water for drinking, food preparation or washing or bathing – the water will be contaminated with sewage and other pollution.
  • Use any foodstuffs that have been in contact with flood water.

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Updated: 30 October 2014