Emergency planning frequently asked questions

Does the Council 'practice' for emergencies?

Individual staff are involved in training, and the Council also holds emergency exercises whenever possible, involving the staff who would be involved in a real life emergency.

How closely does everyone work together?

Richmond Council  has a Borough Contingencies Unit. This unit provides the training and exercises for staff that may have to respond to a major emergency or disaster. These staff are made familiar with everyone else's roles and where possible, they get to know each other beforehand.

How are Arrangements kept up to date?

The Borough Contingencies Unit reviews the councils emergency plans each quarter and where required, updates the contents. Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, all emergency planning is informed through the South West London Local Resilience Forum, Community Risk Register, which is itself reviewed annually. The process is underpinned by external auditing through the Comprehensive Performance Assessment.

Updated: 9 October 2012