Ambulance support in an emergency

  • Life saving in conjunction with the other emergency services
  • Transport of medical teams to the site
  • Providing a Senior Officer at the scene to act as the Ambulance Incident Officer
  • Paramedical care of the injured
  • Establishing a focal point through an ambulance control point for all medical resources
  • Setting up a casualty clearing station
  • Providing an on-site communication system for ambulance and medical services
  • Managing paramedic/medical resources in conjunction with the Medical Incident Officer
  • Prioritising and transporting of casualties to receiving hospitals
  • Forwarding to receiving hospitals information relating to toxic or radiation hazards and contamination of casualties


  • Emergency - always dial 999 textphone 18000.

West Middlesex University Hospital

Kingston Hospital

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals

Queen Mary's Hospital - Roehampton

Updated: 11 March 2013