How to refer young people to the YES

Self referrals

The YES has several ways in which it engages young people. One of them, and one of the most popular ways is through young people accessing the drop-in service it offers daily (1-6pm). This is where young people can self refer to the YES for information, advice, help and support for any particular issue or problems which they might be encountering.

To make the experience of self referring transparent and straight forward, the YES enquiry form (MS Word, 200KB) is designed to get the basic information from young people. This should be enough information in order to engage and support the young person, (where the young person might only access the service once) like the need of a Chlamydia screen and/or refer onto appropriate services and agencies if need be, especially if the support needed is higher than the threshold that the YES is equipped to offer like giving pregnancy tests or HIV testing.

Referrals from other agencies

Over the past year, the YES have been working with a number of targeted young people, which it refers to as step-down cases. These are young people that have been referred to the YES from partner agencies like the targeted youth support service (TYS) and the primary mental health team (PMHT) who are teams that are considered to work with young people who are from a higher vulnerability tier on the Vulnerability matrix (or threshold).

Through consultation and agreement from the Single Point of Access (SPA) these referring agencies are able to step-down and refer onto the YES normally through the use of a single agency form (MS Word, 300KB). In this process, we normally ask for additional information to supplement the referral. In a few rear cases, the YES has also been known to work with young people, who are still “open” cases with services where the threshold is high.

Updated: 19 June 2014