U turn

We aim to provide early intervention programmes to address risky behaviour and its causes, whilst providing young people with the tools to make good decisions and increase their resistance to peer pressure.

We aim to support identified young people to prevent risky behaviour at school, linking work to the school curriculum.

U turn



Statutory duties

This service does not have a statutory requirement.

Traded offer (available from Year 7 to Year 13)

  • Early intervention and bespoke prevention workshops for young people identified as being prone to or at risk of risky behaviour with added one-to-one support to identify needs, expectations and the levels of support required for the group programmes and raising attainment.
  • Structured programmes tailored to young people already demonstrating risky behaviour through group sessions.
  • Structured programmes to prevent risky behaviour through group work and outdoor adventure to improve team working and confidence.
  • Presentations to year groups at school assemblies or in class on risky behaviour subjects such as sexual health, bullying, drugs and alcohol. These workshops can also be provided in a 1-1 format.

For more information about U turn please call or email the relevant contact below for your area.


London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames

Justin Johnson, U-turn Coordinator

Email: justin.johnson@richmond.gov.uk
Phone: 07894 017 641

Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

Malcolm Hyatt, Specialist Youth Work Lead

Email: malcolm.hyatt@richmond.gov.uk
Phone: 07786 702183

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Updated: 10 May 2017