Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Can I do this with my friends?

Yes you can. You and your friends should all try to complete the sections at roughly the same time so that you can all go on expedition together. Your friends won’t be able to do the expedition unless their other sections are signed off, so as long as you all complete your sections at the same time, you can all go on the same expeditions.

Don’t I need training?

Yes you probably do. That’s ok though – we’ll arrange for this before your practice expedition – but you must finish your other sections first!

Where do I do the expeditions?

This is entirely up to you. Your expeditions will be arranged with an Approved Activity Provider and it is entirely up to you where you go. That said though, it is obviously a lot cheaper to stay in the UK, so you might well be limited by your own finances!

How much does it cost?

Enrolling on to the DofE is £28 for Bronze and Silver and £33 for Gold.

Open expeditions vary depending on the level of expedition, the area and the company running it. They can be anywhere between £20 for a Bronze expedition, up to around £400 for an expensive Gold expedition, and this fee is payable to the provider of your expedition. There may be cheaper or free expeditions available with the Open Award Centre depending on the time of year and demand. We will always do our best to not let money get in the way of you finishing your award.

To get an idea of expedition costs, you can look at the opportunities available on the DofE website.

Is there any funding available?

This changes from year to year and depends on all manner of things, but the answer is most probably yes. For enrolment funding please contact us before you enrol. For expedition funding you should speak to us when you have completed all other sections. We will not let money get in the way of you finishing your award.

Updated: 25 May 2016