The Peartree Centre (Stanley Primary School Provision)

Headteacher: Mr I Dickinson

Head of Centre: Mr G Dadd

Designation: Autistic spectrum conditions

Age range: 4 to 11

Aims and purpose of the provision

The Stanley Primary School provision is for children who have a statement of special educational need, a diagnosis of autism and are able to access a percentage of mainstream inclusion.

Each pupil in the Centre will receive a level of teaching support appropriate to their needs and all pupils will have meaningful inclusion into the mainstream school. The Peartree Centre will offer each pupil a personalised curriculum using teaching approaches based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This approach will identify specific areas of focus for each child and measure progress towards these targets.  

Provision, staffing and facilities

The Peartree Centre will be an integral part of the vibrant community of Stanley Primary School, in Teddington. From April 2014 the Peartree Centre will open to provide a resourced provision for pupils with a diagnosis of autism, with meaningful mainstream inclusion. Each pupil will have a statement of SEN and within the Centre will have access to input from a multi-disciplinary team that will include Qualified Teachers, ABA professional, SALT (Speech and Language Therapist) and OT (Occupational Therapist).

Within the provision there will be 3 groups. Children in Group 1 will have 1:1 teaching support; Children in Group 2 will have 3:1 teaching support; Children in Group 3 will have 4:1 teaching support.  For children in Group 1, the focus will be on teaching the pivotal skills needed in order for them to learn from a mainstream teaching environment. For children in Group 2 the focus will be on teaching academic and social skills in order for children to meaningfully access their mainstream class environment. For pupils in Group 3, the focus will be on teaching social skills needed in order for children to feel confident in interacting with their peers.

Entry criteria

The provision is for children with autistic spectrum conditions who are able to follow a bespoke ABA programme within the provision and are able to access a percentage of the mainstream curriculum, with the ultimate goal of being able to meaningfully integrate, and be taught, within the mainstream school. The children are referred by the Special Educational Needs Panel, have a statement of special educational needs and a diagnosis of autism.

Identifying and reviewing needs

Bespoke ABA programmes will be designed for each pupil, to teach skills matched to their individual learning needs. For some pupils the emphasis will be on breaking down the skills needed in order for the pupil to be taught as part of a mainstream class group, and for others the emphasis will be on breaking down and teaching essential social skills so that the pupils can interact effectively with their peers. ABA is the application of the science of learning to increase skills that are meaningful and functional to the individual pupil. By breaking down their barriers to learning, this enables new skills to be taught in order for the pupil to meaningfully access the curriculum from within the mainstream school teaching environment.

Access to a broad and balanced curriculum

Each pupil will have an individualised curriculum which will be broad and balanced, and will include the National Curriculum. All teaching and learning will be underpinned by the principles of ABA.

Home-school links

Home-school partnership is essential to us, when target setting, to ensure skills are functional and meaningful to the pupils and their families; and to ensure effective generalisation of skills across settings, including home, extra-curricular activities and community settings. We are passionate about pupil achievement and will ensure that all skills taught are seen to improve the lives of the individual and those around them.

Links beyond the school

To be developed.

Links with mainstream classes

Every child will be assigned a place within an appropriate mainstream class, which they will access as appropriate and matched to their needs with the emphasis on meaningful inclusion.

Transition to the next stage of education

Each pupil will have statutory annual reviews at which their progress and next steps will be discussed and agreed.

Contact the Peartree Centre

Strathmore Road
TW11 8UH

Phone: 020 8977 4858

Updated: 4 July 2013