Newhouse Centre

Head of Centre: Mr D Francis

Designation: School for secondary age pupils with behaviour, emotional and social development (BESD) needs. Students attending the Newhouse Centre are on the roll of Clarendon School who also manage the centre.

Age range: 11 to 16

Aims and purpose of the Centre

  • Meet the needs of pupils with statements whose main presenting need is BESD.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum enabling access to full entitlement to national curriculum where appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, encourage and prepare pupils to return to full mainstream.
  • Provide those pupils who will finish their education at the Newhouse Centre with individualised learning programmes that maximise their potential for achievement and prepare them for life post 16.

These aims are achieved by:

  • Assessing the needs and strengths of incoming pupils.
  • Maintaining a supportive environment where learning and development can take place.
  • Meeting pupils’ social needs through access to support from a range of specialist agencies.
  • Raising pupils' self-esteem and sense of personal worth through the curriculum and with a positive emphasis on the development of their whole self.
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.
  • Providing pupils with experiences which relate to the demands of the working world.
  • Providing a safe educational environment where actions and consequences can be explored.
  • Encouraging cooperation and teamwork amongst pupils.
  • Providing clear and consistent boundaries where censure and praise have equal emphasis and where pupils are encouraged to see the value of self-discipline and self-determination.
  • Working and liaising closely with parents to achieve a consistent and effective impact on pupils with wide-ranging problems.

Provision, staffing and facilities

The Newhouse Centre serves all secondary schools in the borough. Although the Centre itself is well-equipped and is able to provide personalised teaching, if appropriate some pupils may attend classes in mainstream school. This enables them to gain access to the full national curriculum and benefit from interaction with a broader range of peers. The Centre has a Head, a senior teacher who deputises in the Head’s absence, five teachers and five teaching assistants and a learning mentor. The centre works closely with Clarendon School and the Head of Centre is line managed by Claredon’s Headteacher.

Entry criteria

  • Pupils with a BESD (SEMH) statement of special educational needs (EHCP).
  • Pupils on the verge of a second permanent exclusion or managed transfer following referral to the multi-agency team and agreement for a statutory assessment.
  • Exceptionally, pupils who have been permanently excluded once or subject to their first managed transfer.
  • Pupils will be considered on assessment placement.

Identifying and reviewing needs

Over the first few weeks in the Centre, pupils are observed and assessed in a variety of formal and informal ways. An individual education plan (IEP) is then drawn up incorporating learning and behaviour targets as appropriate for each child. These targets are shared with all staff, parents and pupil.

As a Team Teach centre a Positive Handling Plan (PHP) is also written which establishes triggers for difficult behaviours and the most helpful responses to de-escalation.

Both of these documents are regularly reviewed (at least once a term).

Access to a broad and balanced curriculum

Pupils attending the Newhouse Centre will have experienced disadvantage in some way through their inability to access the curriculum fully in past education. The Newhouse Centre offers pupils a broad balance curriculum through the teaching of literacy, numeracy, science, the humanities and spiritual, moral, cultural, personal and health education, However, it is not always possible or appropriate to offer a wide range of GCSE course. The Centre will identify the most appropriate range of exams options available for the Key Stage 4 pupils.

Home-school links

  • Prospective parents are invited to attend information sharing meetings.
  • Parents attend pre-placement meetings with pupils to outline expectations and practice.
  • Parents are expected to attend statutory annual reviews and termly IEP reviews and target-setting meetings.
  • Parents will receive Newhouse Centre pupil profiles on an annual basis.
  • In the case of pupil absence, parents are contacted by the Centre administrative officer if no contact has been made by them.
  • Parents are regularly contacted regarding pupil’s positive progress or in the case of specific concerns relating to worrying aspects of their behaviour or performance.

Links beyond the school

The Secondary BESD Service includes an educational psychologist, a clinical psychologist, a specialist nurse and a substance misuse worker. Staff also work closely with the Specialist Personal Advisor (Careers), Social Care teams, the Youth Offending Service and other preventative and protective services.

Transition to the next stage of education

Pupils with statements have a transition plan from Year 9 onwards. Students are offered college link course from Year 10 onwards. All pupils have the services of a Specialist Personal Advisor (Careers) and are encouraged to continue with their education beyond statutory school leaving. Some pupils transfer to further education colleges, while others enter employment or training.

Contact Newhouse Centre

Newhouse Centre
Buckingham Road
TW12 3LT

Telephone: 020 8941 2623
Fax: 020 8783 0086

Updated: 10 March 2015