Jigsaw Nursery Provision (Windham Nursery School)

Headteacher: Sarah Carlyle

Teacher in Charge: Ms J Berry

Designation: Social Communication Difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Age range: 3 to 5

Aims and purposes of the provision

  • Provide a communication-centred environment where pre-school children with social communication disorders are supported in all areas of their learning. The curriculum aims to create the maximum opportunity for the children to develop key skills for learning, such as listening, attention, eye contact and turn-taking. Emphasis is on learning language with meaning and most importantly for the purposes of communication;
  • Provide a structured and predictable routine to aid understanding and maximise learning; and
  • Work in partnership with parents and to offer advice and support. This may be done in a variety of ways and settings such as before or after a session, in the child’s home or at the individual educational plan (IEP) meetings.

Provision, staffing and facilities

Windham Croft Centre houses a number of services, a mainstream nursery school and the Jigsaw provision. Jigsaw at Windham is a provision for pre-school children with social communication disorders including autism. The provision takes up to eight children from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, who are referred by the local authority’s special educational needs panel. Children do not need a statement of special educational needs in order to be offered a place. The children attend for five mornings or afternoons a week during normal school terms.

The staff consists of a teacher in charge, a specialist speech and language therapist and two early years educators. An occupational therapist visits the provision fortnightly to work with the children and staff. By combining the disciplines of teaching, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy the team is able to plan and deliver a highly specialised curriculum.

Entry criteria

The provision caters for children who have social communication difficulties, including those with a diagnosis of autism. Applications to the provision are made through the SEN panel and must be supported by evidence from a speech and language therapist.

Identifying and reviewing needs

Each child follows an individual educational plan (IEP), which is based on their developmental needs in all areas of the nursery curriculum. The IEP is evaluated and revised once a term. Parents are very much part of this process.

Access to a broad and balanced curriculum

At Jigsaw, staff combine elements of different approaches to suit the children’s individual needs in order that they can access the full range of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These include:

  • TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children)
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Makaton
  • Hanen
  • Sensory Integration

Home-school links

Close links are maintained between staff at the provision and parents e.g. where children’s parents and carers may not have daily access to staff, a home school book system is in operation.

Links beyond school

The staff liaise with a range of services and other professionals as appropriate and necessary for individual children. E.g. the Educational Psychology Service.

Jigsaw staff work in partnership and advise and support professionals working with those children who may be attending an additional setting.

The teacher in charge and the speech and language therapist also provide advice and training to other early years professionals working in the borough.

Links with mainstream classes

Jigsaw children join the Windham Nursery for a free playtime session each day where they have the opportunity to generalise their skills and play alongside their mainstream peers. There is also a daily ‘reverse inclusion’ programme where Windham children take part in Jigsaw activities.

Transition to the next stage of education

Each child’s learning is closely monitored while they are at Jigsaw. Children must leave when they reach statutory school age. Formal meetings with parents are held so that everyone concerned can discuss progress and consider the appropriate next steps for the child. Some of the children may be ready for a mainstream placement and some go on to other special settings. The transfer from Jigsaw is managed according to each child’s needs and varies depending on the new setting.

Contact the Jigsaw Provision

Windham Nursery School,
Windham Road,

Telephone: 020 8831 6309

Email: info@windham.richmond.sch.uk

Updated: 7 October 2015