Christ’s School Specialist Provision (Christ’s School)

Headteacher: Mr R Burke

Teacher with responsibility for the provision: Ms L Crayton

Designation: Specific learning difficulties

Age range: 11 to 16

Aims of the provision

  • Provide children with specific learning difficulties specialist teaching targeted at the individual needs recorded in their statements
  • Provide a structured, supportive environment where children can feel relaxed, safe and secure
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Enable children to be included in mainstream lessons and extra curricular activities as much as possible

Provision , staffing and facilities

The provision offers support from specialist dyslexia qualified staff within the Learning Support Department. Pupils receive both individual and small group tuition from specialist staff using teaching methods in line with current teaching practice in the field of specific learning difficulties centred on a structured multi-sensory approach.

Pupils have access to specialist computer software and resources in a dedicated area to ensure a relaxed, safe and secure learning environment. In class support is also provided by Learning Support Assistants if required. Pupils follow structured programmes matched to their individual needs aimed at developing literacy and where necessary, numeracy skills.

IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are drawn up each term to identify specific targets for pupils to work towards and progress is carefully monitored.

Staff liaise with a range of services and other professionals as necessary for individual children.

Entry criteria

Christ’s School provides an enhanced specialist teaching provision for six pupils spread throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 who have a statement of special educational needs for specific learning difficulties.

Identifying and reviewing needs

All children have equal access to resources available within the school and specialist provision. The pupil’s needs are initially identified through the formal statutory assessment procedure and are recorded in their statement. Over the first few weeks in the provision, the children are observed and assessed in a variety of formal and informal ways. An IEP is then drawn up as appropriate, with the child involved in identifying their own targets. These targets are shared with staff and parents. New targets are set once old ones have been achieved.

A meeting is held with parents once a term to review progress and discuss and share new targets. There is an annual review where everyone involved with the child is invited to attend and contribute a report. Parents are sent a questionnaire to complete in advance of the meeting. More regular reviews are held if it is considered necessary.

Access to a broad and balanced curriculum

The children follow a broad curriculum which meets the requirements of the Key Stage 3 and 4 national curriculum at an appropriate level. The curriculum is flexible and is adapted to meet the needs of individual children.

Home-school links

Positive home and school partnerships are vital and parents are actively encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the children’s education. Termly meetings are held to discuss the children’s progress and to set new targets. Once a year, a more formal annual review is held. Parents are always welcome to make an appointment to discuss any concerns they may have.

The children take home homework as per school policy and where appropriate speech and language activities to share with parents and encourage involvement with their learning.

Links beyond the school

The staff liaise with a range of services and other professionals as necessary for individual children. These include speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and the Educational Psychology Service.

Links with mainstream classes

The children are in tutor groups and are fully included in the life and activities of the mainstream school. They take part in all school events and activities. They have the same access to the school’s facilities and resources as all other children.

Transition to the next stage of education

All pupils have a transition review from Year 9 onwards. The provision works in partnership with the local authority’s personal advisers for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to plan pupils’ transition into further education, training or work.

Christ’s Specialist Provision

Queen’s Road
TW10 6HW

Telephone: 020 8940 6982
Fax: 020 8332 6085

Updated: 23 November 2011