Clarendon School development

In September 2014 the management of the Newhouse provision was transferred to Clarendon Special School.


The Newhouse provision at Clarendon Special School is for pupils from 11 years old to 16 years old. The provision caters for up to 23 pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs. Pupils require a statement of special educational needs or Education, Health and Care Plan.

The provision offers intensive specialist teaching that is targeted at the individual needs of each pupil. The provision includes input from a wide range of professionals including speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists.

The Newhouse Provision is currently underused and the number of pupils on roll is 11.


The proposed changes are:

  1. No additional pupils will be placed in the Newhouse provision and the provision will close with effect from 31 August 2016;
  2. The management of staff at the  Newhouse Provision would continue to be the responsibility of Clarendon Special School;
  3. The revenue budget currently allocated to the Newhouse Provision would be used to support the current pupils at Newhouse and pupils in the future with a similar profile of needs;
  4. All pupils currently on the roll of Newhouse would be transferred to new provision from September 2016 or before. This will include alternative school and college provision.

Benefits of the changes

  • The support will be able to be re-provided in order that there would be a better match to the needs for children and young people across the Borough.
  • There are likely to be some associated cost efficiencies as future provision may be able to be delivered differently.
  • A revision of the provision would enable better support pathways to be established for pupils accessing SEN provision in primary schools.


Future provision and growth

It is clear that the demand for secondary provision for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties no longer warrants a Newhouse style provision. The future need is better characterised as those pupils with social communication and autistic spectrum needs.

Therefore, it is intended that proposals will be brought forward separately to add to the existing options for local families of pupils with social communication and autistic spectrum needs. These proposals will provide a further increase to the total number of in borough places available in Richmond.

This is a consultation on closing the Newhouse Special Educational Needs provision which currently provides 23 places for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs.

Due to the fact that the Newhouse SEN provision is closing, the Council is required to follow a legal process to bring about those changes and to consultation to gather people’s views.

Communication and consultation about the proposed changes have been on-going and are detailed in the activity table below.

Consultation timeline
Date Activity
10 March 2016 Proposals to be presented to the full governing body of Clarendon Special School
18 March 2016 Distribution of a letter in to all parents of pupils at the Newhouse SEN provision outlining details of the proposed changes
18 March 2016 Consultation to start with stakeholders. To include school staff in scope.
15 April 2016* Consultation ends with stakeholders. To include school staff in scope to provide preferences for new posts.
18 April 2016 Publish statutory notice
16 May 2016 Representation period ends
19 May 2016 Cabinet decision

*The TUPE process for staff in scope will be managed by the governors of Clarendon Special School. This will involve a separate consultation process in partnership with the governors of Clarendon Special School and HR services.

We are keen to hear your views and invite you to take part in this programme of engagement and have your say.

All comments will be considered as part of the decision making process.

What happens next?

The findings from the consultation will be published on the Council website.

A formal statutory notice will be published inviting representations on the proposals. All representations received will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 19 May 2016 who will decide whether the proposals should proceed.

Updated: 21 April 2016