Carer payments and finance

Family Link carers receive an allowance for each overnight stay they provide and for attendance at core training and other meetings they are required to attend.

Hourly rates

The allowance for a 24 hour stay is currently £159.16 and the hourly allowance, for example for attending training, is £9.93.

More details are available from the scheme social worker.


Family Link carers have a similar status to foster carers and so are technically classed as self employed. However, the allowance would not usually be taxable in view of the limited number of overnight short breaks that carers provide.

The HMRC has produced Helpsheet 236 which provides more detailed information about tax exemption. We recommend you read this and contact the HMRC if you have any queries.

If you receive benefits

Benefits should not be affected by the Family Link allowance. However, we strongly advise you to speak to your local benefits office to clarify your particular circumstances and make sure that your benefits will not be affected.

Other employment

Most Family Link carers are in full or part time employment and short breaks are usually needed at the weekend, although can be mid week if this suits the child and their family and the carers.

Updated: 11 February 2015