Parent and Toddler groups

What is a parent and toddler group?

A Parent and Toddler group is also sometimes known as a "drop-in group", "toddler group" or "playgroup". These are for parents/carers of young children (0 to 4 years) and offer them the opportunity to socialise with other parents/carers while giving their children the opportunity to play. These can be great places to share experiences and to meet new people.

When do parent and toddler groups operate?

Parent and toddler groups usually only operate for a few hours at a time, and possibly only on one or two days a week. Many of the groups also operate during the term time, but the hours and times of each parent and toddler group will vary and should therefore be investigated to determine the relevant times.

Where are parent and toddler groups located?

Parent and toddler groups often operate in churches or other community centres, but they can be located in many other settings. Parent and toddler groups are located throughout the borough.

Are parent and toddler groups registered?

Ofsted does not require that parent and toddler groups are registered. The reason for this is that parents remain with their children while the group is running.

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Updated: 13 November 2014