Out of school care

Out of school clubs are facilities that provide day care during one or more of the following periods:

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Dates and times

Out of school clubs run throughout the year depending on the type of service offered. Before and after school clubs generally run during term-time only, while holiday play schemes run during half-term and school holidays.

After school clubs run from the end of school until around six in the evening, but the specific hours for each group may vary slightly from this. Settings which offer a breakfast/before school club, will operate in the morning before the child has to start the school day.


Out of school clubs are based at schools, nurseries and private premises. Most out of school clubs will have specific schools that they cater for.

Where the out of school club is located off the school premises, they will usually arrange a pick up from the school. You should contact the setting to find out what services they are able to offer. 

Ofsted registration

Ofsted operate 2 childcare registers the early years register and the childcare register. Out of school and holiday play schemes are often required to register on both registers as they may care for children in both the early years and older age groups. 

For further information on the Ofsted childcare register and which groups do not need to register visit the Ofsted website.


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Updated: 3 November 2017