Local Authority SEN Support to Setting SENCOs

Early Years Consultants

Every setting in the borough is assigned an Early Years Consultant (EYC). This person works with the setting to provide advice in a range of areas including SEN practice.

The EYC supports settings by:

  • Supporting implementation of the Equality Act (2010).
  • Providing advice and practical support with the graduated approach to the identification, assessment and intervention for children within the SEN Code of practice.
  • Providing appropriate support for setting based SENCOs and staff working with children.
  • Developing and sharing good practice in relation to SEN.
  • Promoting partnership with parents.

Early Years Consultant SEND

  • Supports transition in and out of settings for children with the most complex needs.
  • Provides advice around inclusion and legislative issues for children with complex needs.
  • Ensures that training is provided for setting based SENCOs.

Updated: 28 April 2015