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Find out what the Octagon Club have been working on, and view some examples of their artwork.

Autumn 2017

Throughout the Autumn Term Octagon Club were looking at fashion, felting and painting. Work was shown alongside Transitions Art Club's pieces at their end of term show in the Stables Cafe.

Spring/summer 2017

Treasures on Your Doorstep

Throughout the spring and summer terms Octagon Club created a series of works responding to the local area and community. The group designed and led a pop up event in Church Street and displayed their work at St Mary's Church, Twickenham.

This was funded by a grant from the Civic Pride Fund.

Spring/summer 2016

The Octagon Club participated in 'From the Outside In', an interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists, working together on four creative projects, each exploring a different theme, including memory and movement, genetics and digital technology, the mechanics of the body, and mapping the body

The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Autumn term 2015

This term Octagon Club worked with artists to create environment-themed installations using recycled materials as part of a Heathrow Communities Together funded project called Beyond the Trees.

The autumn term was funded by Heathrow Communities Together and Serco.

Summer term 2015

This term we worked with artist Michelle Reader to create Carnival inspired artworks themed to the Rugby World Cup 2015. We also worked with the Crafts Council and artist Matthew Raw to create a fantastic series of ceramics works inspired by the Crafts Council's collection and archives. Towards the end of the summer term the group visited Garrick's Temple and created a performance project with artist Ursula Kelly.

Spring term 2015

This term we worked with artist Mary Herbert and Ashley Howell to explore the senses.

We focused on Sound, Smell and Touch with Mary and created portraits made up of these elements.

With Ashley, we focused on Sight and explored colour through animation and paint.

With thanks Mary Herbert and Ashley Howell.

The summer and spring terms were funded by Awards for All, The Big Lottery Fund.

Autumn term 2014

Throughout the autumn term Octagon club created some exciting and colourful artworks. The group worked with artists Sarah McEvoy and Annalees Lim for a month each.

Throughout their month with Sarah the group responded to the gallery's WWI exhibition and discovered some of the wartime stories. Each created characters, sets and animations that depicted their story. The group worked with animation programme iStop Motion, video cameras and sound recorders. As you will see from watching the film of all the animations, the group truly succeeded in creating fantastic stories, characters and animations.

Whilst working with Shape Arts artist Annalees the group began to explore different ways to create art in response to music. Annalees related the sessions to themes within the current gallery exhibition of music and art. The group created drawings whilst listening to a variety of music and began to find new and abstract shapes within their own and in others' drawings. Foam sculptures were then created from these newly discovered shapes turning a 2D image into a vibrant 3D work of art.

We would like to thank Sarah McEvoy, Annalees Lim and Shape Arts.


In December the group exhibited their work in a showcase called Light and Shade.

Octagon Club artists

  • Nihilin
  • Hannah
  • Toby
  • Celia
  • Grace
  • Amelia

Updated: 22 December 2017