Party terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before booking your party.

  • Children over 4 must be accompanied by a minimum of one adult per 5 children who will be responsible for the children at all times. Under fours must be accompanied by their parent/carers at all times. This is especially important because the treasure hunt takes place in the gallery grounds so requires parental supervision as well as supervision by the party facilitators.
  • Room decorations are provided by us - but if you would like to bring extra room decorations please note that the Coach House is a listed building so the use of drawing pins, tape and blue tack is prohibited. However, white tack is permitted.
  • Catering is not included. You are welcome to bring food and refreshments with you on the day – we provide table coverings for the craft tables but not for the food table so please bring your own if you would like one.
  • Parents/carers are able to access the room 30 minutes before the party begins to set up food and beverages. There is a separate craft table and a separate food table to allow you to do this.
  • We are not able to provide the use of ovens, microwaves or fridges.
  • Facilitators are responsible for the clear up of craft activities, general room tidying and sweeping the floor. Hirers are responsible for the clear up of food and drinks and any unforeseen cleaning required if this was caused by party guests.
  • As well as your cheque for £349 for payment hirers must provide a separate cheque for £100 as a security deposit (or alternatively provide a card number, expiry date, 3 digit security code on the back of the card and home address). This £100 is not taken from your account prior to the party. The £100 cheque or record of your bank details is kept securely on file until after your party and assuming there is no damage, etc, they will then be securely destroyed. A security deposit is requested for all functions in case of damage to the premises or grounds, overrunning of the event or extra cleaning being required.
  • Cheques can be made payable to LBRUT (London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames).
  • No bookings are final until we receive your booking form and full payment of £349 along with your £100 security deposit cheque or card details.
  • Standard party timings are:
    • Morning Slot: guests arrive at 11.15am, for an 11.30am party start, 1pm finish.
    • Afternoon Slot: guests arrive at 2.15pm, for a 2.30pm party start, 4pm finish.
  • Please specify either a morning or afternoon slot on your booking form unless you have discussed and confirmed alternative party timings prior to booking.
  • If you are unsure how many guests may attend before the day you are welcome to pay the remaining balance of £8 per head on the day of the party either to party facilitators by cheque or by card at the gallery front desk.
  • Any changes to the general plan and structure of the party must be discussed in advance prior to booking the party - party facilitators will receive a plan in advance and will not be able to make changes on the day.


To book your party or for further information about the running of your party please contact

Updated: 26 April 2017