Play is what I do when everyone stops telling me what to do.

Child aged 10.

Play provision

Play is an essential aspect of children’s development, culture and quality of life. It can take place anywhere: at home; in a park or playground; at school; in a playgroup; or simply enjoying a game of avoiding the cracks in the pavement whilst walking to school! Children can and do seek out opportunities to play and are endlessly inventive.

Our aim is to make sure that all children who play in the borough have access to quality play opportunities.

To support this, the borough has:

  • 42 outdoor children’s playgrounds
  • 4 paddling pools
  • Indoor and outdoor play facilities at Marble Hill Playcentres (Marble Hill One O'clock Club & Toy Library and the Adventure Playground are run by the voluntary sector).
  • A skate-park for young people at King’s Field in Hampton Wick.

Where to play

Our play map(pdf, 2277KB) shows play locations in the borough. You can also find play locations in our parks and open spaces

Play Strategy Review 2011-14

We carried out a survey in 2011 where you told us about what you think about play and play provision in the borough. This was part of a review of our play strategy, and as a result we have identified four main areas which will shape our play pledges for 2011-12.

Updated: 4 March 2014