Village Plan for the Ham and Petersham area

Planning and Development Ham and Petersham

Planning Policy Background

We are responsible for developing the Borough’s Local Plan that sets out the vision, priorities and strategic framework for future development of the borough, addressing needs and opportunities in relation to housing, economy and community facilities and infrastructure as well as protecting the natural and historic environment and securing good design. This includes writing local planning policies and accompanying guidance. The Local Plan can consist of one or more documents and it is the starting point for considering whether planning applications are acceptable. We also have to take account of national policies and regional guidance, such as the London Plan, when producing or updating our Local Plan documents and when making decisions on planning applications. See the Local Plan pages for further information.

The residential area is surrounded by large areas of protected open land and the River Thames corridor, much of this land is also public open space and/or of nature conservation interest.

Ham Lands is a Local Nature Reserve and Richmond Park a Site of Special Scientific Interest and National Nature Reserve with a high level of protection. The area around Ham House is a protected historic landscape.

There are conservation areas at Petersham, Ham Common, Ham House, Richmond Park and the Parkleys Estate. Ham House is an important Grade 1 Listed Building.

Ham Parade is a buoyant local centre. The policy across the borough is to strengthen these centres by encouraging a range of shops, services and other uses consistent with meeting people’s day to day needs and encourage other uses appropriate to the centre.

Any new development, including infill will be expected to be well designed and provide sufficient car parking.

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Planning Policy Aims

Planning policy for the Ham and Petersham Village Area is designed to achieve the following:

  • Preserve the quiet rural character of the area by resisting major changes and safeguarding open land.
  • Protect and maintain the famous views from Richmond Hill, the avenue vista from Ham House across Ham Common to Petersham, views from Ham Lands to Strawberry Hill, Radnor House and the Pope’s Grotto and tower, and other views particularly on the riverside.
  • Protect and enhance Ham House, Petersham and Ham Common conservation areas and protect historic buildings including the Star and Garter Home, Cassel Hospital and Latchmere House (all of which are to be refurbished for new uses).
  • Protect and enhance the local shopping centre at Ham Parade and protect local shops at Ashburnham Road and Back Lane/Ham Street.
  • Protect and enhance Ham Lands, the Petersham Copse next to Petersham Lodge, Glovers Island, Ham Common and Ham Pond and other sites of nature conservation importance.
  • Encourage improvement to bus services, especially links to Richmond.
  • Prevent unsightly car parking in front gardens where possible through planning powers and through publishing a design guidance leaflet.
  • Ensure that new development is appropriate in terms of scale and materials and includes sufficient car parking.
  • Ensure the rural feel of Petersham Road is maintained and more generally that grass verges, street trees and other vegetation are kept.
  • Seek to achieve regeneration around the Ham Close Estate to provide a new community hub, improved open space and playground, new housing and particularly larger family units and improvements to the library and health clinic.

Areas of change and Future Planned Development

Future Development

Whilst major development is precluded within the large areas of protected open land and conservation areas, there is potential for regeneration around the Ham Close Estate. Options will be subject to extensive consultation.

The former Latchmere Prison site is currently subject to planning applications for residential use. The owners of Cassel Hospital and Latchmere Prison will be selling these premises is likely to be sold within the next few years.

Both sites are included within the Site Allocations Plan (see above). The Council will consider preparing a brief for Cassel Hospital site when the timescale for disposal is confirmed. The Council has worked with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the Ministry of Justice to prepare a brief for Latchmere House Prison site and an application is being considered.

Other change

Other changes in the residential areas are most likely to be in the form of small developments, extensions or changes of use.

Updated: 16 June 2015