Village Plan for the Kew area

Planning Policy

Each village is distinctive in terms of the community, facilities and local character. The borough's villages are attractive with many listed buildings and conservation areas. The local character of each is unique, recognisable and important to the community and to the character of the borough as a whole. In response to the Council's 'All in One' survey, which showed that residents had a desire to shape planning guidance for their local area, the Council is developing Village Planning Guidance in the form of Supplementary Planning Document (SPDs)

The SPDs identify the key features and characteristics of the village areas, including the most important aspects and features that contribute to local character and that are valued by local communities. The Village Plan SPDs are the main starting point for design guidance to those seeking to make changes to their properties or who wish to develop in the area.

Supplementary Planning Document

Kew Village Plan Supplementary Planning Document(pdf, 4262KB) has been agreed. This will need to be taken into account by developers and residents planning new development and by the Planning Committee when determining planning applications for new development, together with the existing adopted Plans referred to above.

Local Plan

We are responsible for developing the Local Plan, which sets out the vision, priorities and strategic needs for future development within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

This considers the needs and opportunities for the local economy, housing, community facilities and infrastructure. It also includes protections for the natural and historic environment, and ensures that developers follow good design.

The Local Plan is the starting point for considering whether planning applications are accepted. The Plan can consist of one or more documents.

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Updated: 26 January 2018