Uplift Whitton

Developments and improvements to the Whitton area, as part of the Uplift programme.


In May 2011 Richmond Council carried out the All in One Survey, asking residents around the borough what they like about the area in which they live, and what they would like to see improved.

In Whitton, 1,135 people took part and over three quarters of people (77%) were satisfied overall with their area as a place to live, highlighting parks and open spaces and shopping the most important things in making Whitton a good place to live.

However 46% felt that shopping in the local high street could be improve, 35% the condition of pavements, 23% traffic, 22% condition of roads and 22% support for local businesses.

A programme was then put in place to address each area of concern.

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What has been done so far?

In 2011/12 Whitton High Street received £376k from the Mayor of Londons’ Outer London Fund and the Council’s Uplift programme towards a series of regeneration improvements.

Works included:

  • Replacing all 32 lamp columns with 1930’s-style columns.
  • Fifteen shop front improvements.
  • New high street signage.
  • Funding towards a monthly community market.
  • Art and Cultural projects were carried out to animate the town centre.
  • The Whitton Town Centre website was redesigned and relaunched to promote the businesses and services available locally.

When the work concluded, this booklet(pdf, 1283KB) was distributed to every household in the area, to highlight what had been done.

What is being done now?

Britannia Lane

The £390k refurbishment of the property in Britannia Lane officially opened in September 2013, providing a new local Youth Centre for young people in Whitton and Heathfield. It includes: multimedia studios, gym ICT, Treatment room and social gathering space with this also available for day and evening letting in support of the core evening youth club use. The club also has a secure provision for alternative education for up to 6 individuals’ ages 11-16 with one teaching class room and a one to one meeting room.

Whitton High Street improvements

In response to residents' comments from the Council’s All in One survey a £2m improvement programme has been completed in Whitton High Street.

These improvements included:

  1. Replacing the pavements on both sides of Whitton High Street between the Admiral Nelson Pub and the junction at Jubilee Avenue and Montrose Avenue, with carefully selected York Stone paving to upgrade the existing poor quality surface.
  2. Replacing the surface of private forecourts immediately outside shops and businesses along Whitton High Street with york stone, to complement the newly replaced pavement
  3. Providing kerb build-outs to define the on-street parking bays to rationalise parking and improve traffic flow along the high street.
  4. Raising the highway at the existing signalled pedestrian crossings (similar to junction with Constance Road) to slow traffic speeds.
  5. Raising entry treatments at the side road junctions off the High Street to make it easier for pedestrians in a wheelchair or using a push chair to cross.
  6. Reducing the width of the road at and upgrade existing pedestrian crossings.
  7. Reducing the amount of street furniture and signs and planting new trees to improve the look of the high street.
  8. Resurfacing the carriageway along the High Street.
  9. Repainting the walls at the railway bridge.

Library exterior upgrade/ Lidl car park planting

£50k funding provided an upgrade to the exterior of Whitton Library to make it more welcoming and attractive. In addition, seating has been provided for residents along Nelson Road. The funding was also used to create a ‘Green Wall’ to screen the Telephone Exchange from Lidl Car Park.

The Lidl car park hedging is now complete. In addition, new hard surfacing/bench/planter and planting are also all complete near to the Library. It is expected that pin oak trees will be planted early March with the final stage of the Heritage Gravel being laid later in the spring.

Cypress Avenue pocket park/ Palgrave open space

Uplift provided £55k funding for landscaping and public realm works including a new play area for the pocket park.

How do I find out more about improvements to Whitton?

Uplift is just one Council or community project currently in place to improve Whitton. To find out what improvements and developments are planned, refer to the Village Plan.

The Village Plan describes a vision for the village area and identifies what the Council will do and what local people can do to achieve the vision together. It sets out the key issues and priorities and provides background information on the village area.

How can I be kept up to date about Whitton Uplift?

Regularly check your local village news pages.

And remember that the Council is on Twitter – follow @LBRUT for up to date information.

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