Uplift Mortlake

Developments and improvements to the Mortlake area, as part of the Uplift programme.


In May 2011 Richmond Council carried out the All in One Survey, asking residents around the borough what they like about the area in which they live, and what they would like to see improved.

In Mortlake 291 people took part and over 90% were satisfied overall with their area as a place to live, highlighting parks and open spaces and the level of crime and anti-social behaviour the most important things in making Mortlake a good place to live.

However 49% felt that the traffic/levels of congestion needed to be improved, 25% the provision of parking and 23% the condition of roads.

What is being done?

Mortlake Tow Path

Throughout 2012 and 2013 works have been carried out to improve Mortlake Towpath – costing £160k.

In 2012 the first part was upgraded with a permanent granite surface to help prevent large puddles from forming after high tides and rainfall, which often left the path impassable.

Two further sections along the towpath from Jubilee Gardens to Barnes Bridge have now received the same treatment, creating an accessible link from the High Street to the Station. The works also include the addition of new bins and benches along the path.

This upgrade makes the area more accessible and should hopefully encourage people to utilise the towpath as part of their commute and during their leisure time and enjoy a much more pleasant next to the Thames.

New Ramped Access to Jubilee Gardens

The Council has spent £95k on ramped access from the towpath at Jubilee Gardens. The ramp is fully DDA compliant and allows safe access for those with prams, wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Further improvements to soft landscaping in Jubilee Gardens have also taken place including upgrading fencing, providing new benches and improving footpath access.

What does Cllr Fleming think?

“Historically this towpath becomes almost unusable during high tides, with the area becoming boggy and very muddy. This resurfacing work has transformed the path into a fantastic fit for purpose walkway and I am pleased that we are able to give more people greater access to our riverside and also provide a walking route for many commuters that is hopefully far more enjoyable.”

How do I find out about improvements to Mortlake?

Uplift is just one Council or community project currently in place to improve Mortlake. To find out what improvements and developments are planned, refer to the Village Plan.

The Village Plan describes a vision for the village area and identifies what the Council will do and what local people can do to achieve the vision together. It sets out the key issues and priorities and provides background information on the village area.

How can I be kept up to date about Mortlake?

Regularly check your local village news pages.

And remember that the Council is on Twitter – follow @LBRUT for up to date information.

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