Uplift Barnes

Developments and improvements to the Barnes area, as part of the Uplift programme.


In May 2011 Richmond Council carried out the All in One Survey, asking residents around the borough what they like about the area in which they live, and what they would like to see improved.

In Barnes, 1,174 people took part and over 95% were satisfied overall with their area as a place to live, highlighting parks and open spaces and the level of crime and anti-social behaviour the most important things in making Barnes a good place to live. However 26% felt that shopping in the local high street could be improved, 35% the condition of pavements, 30% traffic and 25% condition of roads. A programme was then put in place to address each area of concern.

What is being done?

The Castelnau Community Centre which promotes a vibrant self-sustaining community in an estate in Barnes has received a £300k makeover thanks to Uplift.

Over £40k has been spent on improving the exterior of the centre including:

  • New fencing along the allotment boundary.
  • A new footpath to improve access to the allotment.
  • A new outdoor seating area.
  • Installation of artificial grass in the play area.
  • Planting to the frontage of the centre will follow in the winter.

The remainder of the money has been spent inside. These improvements include:

  • The creation of a new ‘Youth Zone’
  • Refurbishment of toilets and internal decoration
  • A new kitchen
  • A new boiler
  • New windows
  • Repairs to the lift
  • Repairs to the roof, including improved insulation.

What do people think?

Marie Ellis, Castelnau Centre Project Manager:

“We are really pleased with the refurbishment of the Centre, the investment made by Richmond Council through the Uplift programme will make such a difference to our community. We are launching a new programme of activities and can’t wait to open our doors to the public.’”

For more information, go to the Castlenau Centre Project website.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment:

“We want to give the local community the very best services and access to good facilities, which is why we have invested so heavily in this project. When most London Councils are closing community centres due to financial hardship is it a refreshing break from the norm that ours not only remain open, but are being improved upon.

“We are a listening Council and we know the people of Barnes wanted a first-class community facility – which is exactly what they have now got. I’m certain the project will continue to go from strength to strength and I hope as many people as possible come along to the launch to support this much loved project.”

How do I find out about improvements to Barnes?

Uplift is just one Council or community project currently in place to improve Barnes. To find out what improvements and developments are planned, refer to the Village Plan.

The Village Plan describes a vision for the village area and identifies what the Council will do and what local people can do to achieve the vision together. It sets out the key issues and priorities and provides background information on the village area.

How can I be kept up to date about Barnes?

Regularly check your local village news pages.

Remember that the Council is on Twitter – follow @LBRUT for up to date information.

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Updated: 14 June 2017