Information for school governors

Governor Support

Governor Support aims to enable school governors to carry out their role through providing:

All school governing bodies are provided with guidance to meet their statutory responsibilities.

To help governing bodies increase their effectiveness and contribute positively to school improvement, Governor Support provides additional services which can be purchased through the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Governor Support Team

Governor Support works as a team, but each person also has specific responsibilities as follows:

Governor Support Manager

Angela Langford
Telephone: 020 8891 7593

Angela's responsibilities include:

  • Overall management of the Governor Support and services
  • Recruitment of LA Governors
  • Support and advice to Governors and Clerks

Governor Support Officer (part time, term-time only)
Lyn Barnes
Telephone: 020 8891 7510

Lyn's responsibilities include:

  • Governors' membership database
  • Provide information, support and resources to Clerks
  • Support and advice for Governors and Clerks

Governor Support Officer (part time, term-time only)
Clare Meadows
Telephone: 020 8891 7515

Clare's responsibilities include:

  • Administration of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Governors
  • Produce CPD booklet

Updated: 21 March 2014