Nationality Checking Service

Richmond Registration Service offers this optional service to help simplify the citizenship application process.


National Checking Service Appointments are currently unavailable at Richmond Register Office. Please contact other local Register Offices to book an appointment.

Changes to the Knowledge of language and life in the UK requirement for naturalisation

From 28 October 2013, there will be two parts to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KoLL) requirement, both of which must be met by all applicants for settlement and naturalisation unless the individual is exempt.

Further information regarding the KoLL requirement can be found in the Statement of Intent on the GOV.UK website.

What is the Nationality Checking Service (NCS)?

This is a partnership between UK Visas and Immigration and local councils in England and Wales. This partnership allows those people applying for British citizenship to make their applications, in person, at a register office.

Richmond Registration Service offers this optional service to help simplify the citizenship application process.

You do not have to be a resident of the borough to attend an appointment here.

This checking service is optional – you can apply directly to UK Visas and Immigration or use a solicitor or other agent. But if you do, make sure they are properly qualified to give you advice, and are registered with the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC). (Solicitors and others registered with the Law Society do not have to be registered with the OISC).

The Nationality Checking Service is by appointment only, and the fee for the appointment is required upon booking. This appointment fee is non refundable. Please see terms and conditions below.

This is not the Settlement Checking Service; Richmond upon Thames does not offer appointments for the Settlement Checking Service.

Richmond upon Thames does not offer the Joint Citizenship and Passport Service (JCAP). You are not able to apply for your British Passport at the same time as applying for British Citizenship if you attend an NCS appointment at this office.

The appointment process

The appointment length will vary, depending on how many people are applying.

Each adult applicant must

  • Attend in person. If the applicant is married or in a civil partnership and want to make a joint application, both applicants must attend. Children under 18 need not attend.
  • Bring the completed application form(s).
  • Bring all the necessary documents for their application as listed in the guidance notes on the UK Visas and Immigration website.
  • Bring payment for UK Visas and Immigration (cheque, debit / credit card details).

Please note that only original documents will be acceptable.

During the appointment, the Advisor will

  • Ensure that you have completed the application form correctly
  • Check your original supporting documents (e.g. passport, certificates)
  • Photocopy and certify your documents so that you can keep the originals
  • Make sure that the correct payment for UK Visas and Immigration is enclosed
  • Inform you if further documentation is required for your application. If you do not bring all documentation with you to your appointment, you may be required to make a second appointment and pay a further fee for this second appointment. Please see terms and conditions below
  • Seek advice from UK Visas and Immigration regarding your application if necessary.
  • Ask you to sign a disclaimer form if you do not meet basic requirements but choose to go ahead with your application.

What happens after the appointment?

The NCS cost

The fee for this service is in addition to the application fee that is paid to UK Visas and Immigration, and must be paid at the time the appointment is booked. This fee is non refundable.

NCS terms and conditions

  • The fee for your appointment is payable at the time of booking, and is non refundable.
  • Your appointment fee is paid to London Borough of Richmond upon Thames for using the Nationality Checking Service.
  • The fee paid to UK Visas and Immigration for your application is separate, and does not include the appointment fee for this service.
  • Fees cannot be refunded if you fail to keep your appointment, or if your application does not meet the requirements to be forwarded to UK Visas and Immigration.
  • If you are late for your appointment, it will not be possible to see you and you will have to book a new appointment and pay the appointment fee.
  • All applicants over 18 must attend an appointment, and must complete the application form before the appointment and attend with all supporting documents, ready for photocopying by the NCS advisor.
  • If you wish to move your appointment, you must give at least 3 full working days notice by either telephone or email. For example, if your appointment is on a Monday, the last day you can move your appointment is on the Tuesday before. Please note if any of the days in between are Bank Holidays, you will need to add extra days as appropriate. There must be at least 3 full working days notice. An appointment can only be moved once.
  • If you are required to make a second appointment for your application, you will need to pay a fee for a Second Appointment. This is for a 20 minute appointment.
  • If further documents are required, and have not been produced within 3 months from the date of your appointment, any documents photocopied by the NCS advisor will be destroyed (you may however wish to collect your application form).

Further advice

Richmond Registration service cannot offer advice on nationality matters. Should you require advice you can contact:

  • Nationality call centre on 0300 123 2253 (lines are open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday).
  • UK Visas and Immigration.

Updated: 12 January 2018