Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre - Adult Fitness Programme

General notes

  • New Spin Studio.
  • Please wear suitable clothing and footwear. If you are unsure please ask a member of staff and they will be happy to help you.
  • Admission will not be permitted once the warm up is complete, so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time, enabling you to complete a full warm up.
  • Please note that there will be time allowed for change over at the end of classes.
  • Tickets must be collected from Reception and handed to the Instructor prior to the start of the class.
  • Minimum age limit is 16 years.
  • Please make sure you inform the Instructor of any injuries or medical conditions, including pregnancy before the class commences.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances (staff sickness, maintenance) classes may be cancelled or changed and as far as possible advance notice will be given.
  • Priority bookings (may be made up to one week in advance) by our Direct Debit and Pre-Paid Members.

Current Fitness Programme

Monday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.30am-10.30am Body Tone G Naomi £6.40 £7.20
10.30am-11.30am Pilates G* Naomi £6.40 £7.20
11.35am-12.30pm Nifty Fifties O50 Sophia £4.30 £4.70
11.30am-12.15pm Aqua G Nikki £6.40 £7.20
2pm-3pm Falls Prevention Ref Naomi £3.50 N/A
3.30pm-4.30pm COPD Ref Matt £3.50 N/A
6pm-7pm Piloxing G Louise £6.40 £7.20
7pm-8pm Zumba G Louise £6.40 £7.20
8pm-9pm Pilates G* Nikki £6.40 £7.20

Tuesday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.30am-10.30am Pilates G* Naomi £6.40 £7.20
9.45am-10.30am Aqua Zumba G Anna £4.50 £5.00
10.30am-11.45am Iyengar Yoga G* Dolores £6.40 £7.20
1pm-1.50pm Boxercise G Matt £6.40 £7.20
2pm-3pm Active Living Ref Matt £3.50 N/A
6pm-7pm Zumba G Stephanie £6.40 £7.20
7pm-8pm Tai Chi G Andi £6.40 £7.20
8pm-9pm 50 / 50 G Nikki £6.40 £7.20

Wednesday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.30am-10.15am Legs, Bums and Tums I Jenny £6.40 £7.20
10.15am-11.15am Pilates G/I* Jenny £6.40 £7.20
11.30am-12.30pm Active living Ref Matt £3.50 N/A
2pm-3pm Nifty Fifties O50 Manjeet £4.30 £4.70
5.30pm-6.30pm Zumba G Louise £6.40 £7.20
6.30pm-7.30pm Pump it Up G Nikki £6.40 £7.20
7.30pm-8.30pm Iyengar Yoga G* Jane £6.40 £7.20
7.30pm-8.15pm Aqua G Nikki £5.20 £5.90
8.30pm-9.30pm Pilates I/A* Nikki £6.40 £7.20

Thursday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.30am-10.30am Zumba G Charlotte £6.40 £7.20
10.30am-11.30am Hatha Yoga G Mariam £6.40 £7.20
11.55am-12.55pm Pilates G* Hannah £6.40 £7.20
1.05pm-1.50pm Circuits G Matt £6.40 £7.20
2pm-3pm COPD Ref Matt £3.50 N/A
3.30pm-4.30pm Active Living with Mental Health Ref Matt £2.50 N/A
6pm-7pm Beginners Pilates B Naomi £6.40 £7.20
7pm-8pm Pilates I Naomi £6.40 £7.20
8pm-9pm Boxercise G Matt £6.40 £7.20

Friday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.30am-10.30am Beginners Pilates B Mariam £6.40 £7.20
10.30am-11.45am Iyengar Yoga G* Dolores £6.40 £7.20
11.30am-12.15pm Aqua G Stuart £4.50 £5.00
12 noon-1pm Zumba Gold O50 Louise £4.30 £4.70
1pm-2pm Pilates G Hannah £6.40 £7.20
3.30pm-4.30pm Active Living Ref Matt £3.50 N/A
6pm-7pm Zumba G Hannah £6.40 £7.20
7.15pm-8.30pm Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation G Mariam £6.40 £7.20

Saturday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9.15am-10.15am Zumba G Anna £6.40 £7.20
10.15am-11.15am Beat Box G Anna £6.40 £7.20
11.15am-12.15pm Body Tone G Anna £6.40 £7.20

Sunday programme
Time Class Level Teacher RC Non RC
9am-10.15am Iyengar Yoga G* Jane £6.40 £7.20
11.30am-12.30pm Circuits G Matt E £6.40 £7.20
12.30pm-1.45pm Vinyasa Power Yoga G Mariam £6.40 £7.20


A = Advanced level class, suitable for those with plenty of experience.

B = Beginner level class and 6 week course for total beginners. Must be completed before attending a general level yoga/pilates class.

G = General level class, suitable for all.

I = Intermediate level class, suitable for those who are experienced with exercise and wanting more of a challenge.

Ref = Referrals only to these classes.

O50 = Class aimed at over 50's.

O60 = Class aimed at over 60's.

* = All participants must have completed a 6 week beginners course or are experienced in yoga / pilates to attend class.

COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - referrals only to this class.

RC/Non RC - This indicates the price with and without a Richmond Card with leisure membership (find out more about using the Richmond Card for leisure)

Fitness classes are included in the All Inclusive Direct Debit Membership.

6 week courses

A 50% discount on course fees applies to Direct Debit members.

For more information and start dates please telephone Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre on 020 8977 9911.

Class descriptions
Class Description
50 / 50 Suitable for all abilities and a great all round workout. This class consists of 50% aerobics and 50% toning which will include hand weights, stability balls and resistance bands. It is a fun workout that achieves a lot within an hour.
Aqua A water-based workout incorporating aerobic, conditioning and core moves. The combination of the cushioning effect of water and increased resistance makes for a highly effective all over workout that is kind to the body's joints. Suitable for everyone, even those recovering from injuries.
Aqua Zumba Known as the Zumba pool party, the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, the Aqua Zumba class blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that's cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.
Aerobics A fun, high energy class to work and improve the cardiovascular system. Suitable for anyone already used to exercise but wanting a demanding physical workout that makes everyone feel alive and toned! High and low impact alternatives are given. The class finishes with a good stretch of all the muscles used. Please note different teachers have different styles, so classes may consist of more choreography and dance moves than others.
Beat Box A fast paced fusion of boxing, aerobics, dance and conditioning designed to give you the ultimate fun, full body workout. Suitable for all levels.
Body Tone An all over strength and endurance workout suitable for all. A low impact warm up followed by exercises to target all the major muscle groups in the body, deep and superficial. Various forms of equipment may be used to sculpt the body including weights, body bars, body balls, resistance bands and steps. Different formats are used to keep classes interesting, challenging and fun.

BOKWA, is a trademarked name and workout that is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito, hence, BOKWA is born.

Its an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, Kickboxing and steps. It has been proven to burn a great amount of calories making it easier for weight loss goals. Through the use of fast paced extreme movement, a fun, challenging, and energizing total body workout was created.

BOKWA is a very unique dance fitness programme due to the use of letters and numbers as placement combined with use of hand signals and American Sign Language. It is refreshing and builds strength and endurance driven by the pulsating rhythmic beats of African, Latin, popular Dance and House music. Bokwa is an innovative dance fitness programme that is an abundance of fun and does NOT feel like a workout!

Boxercise Old training principles are used and adapted to form an addictive, safe and stress busting workout suitable for all ages and abilities. It combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, enhances sports specific senses including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing. A fun, energetic class for those wanting a bit of a challenge.
Cardio / Legs, Bums & Tums Regular Legs, Bums and Tums with a twist. Suitable for those wanting a harder, more challenging class that will make you sweat that bit more!
Dance Suitable for all abilities, this class draws on different dance styles including street, jazz and salsa. The routine is repeated for 2 to 3 weeks depending on difficulty to allow participants to become familiar with the dance style and to develop technique. Dance tones the whole body, gives you an aerobic workout, develops flexbility and builds confidence.
Iyengar Yoga The Iyengar approach to Hatha Yoga is characterised by attention to alignment, detail and by the use of "props" to achieve the right action in asana. It is a progressive, cumulative method which enables learners to progress safely and extend personal limitations irrespective of age and ability. All participants must have completed a beginners course or be experienced in yoga prior to joining a general level class.
Legs, Bums & Tums A great fat burner to improve body shape. The class incorporates an aerobic section followed by conditioning exercises to target the lower body and core. the focus is on improving body shape and encouraging fat reduction. Benefits your overall health, stamina and boosts self confidence. Suitable for all, as alternative exercises are given.
Nifty Fifties General class for seniors (aimed at those over 50) of all levels. The class comprises of a gentle low impact aerobic section followed by conditioning work, core work and stretches that could incorporate body balls, exercise balls and light hand weights. Emphasis is put on maintaining / improving posture and range of motion around the major joints. A great class to work out at your own pace and level. Alternative exercises are given to accommodate all.
Pilates With a focus on core stability, the class will work with postural alignment and a variety of exercises to improve mobility, flexibility and strength. Some classes may use small pieces of equipment or the stability ball to enhance flexibility, strength and control. Suitable for any age and body shape, as alternative levels will be offered. However, all participants must have completed a beginners course or be experienced in Pilates prior to joining a general level class.
Pump It Up A great body toning class which uses dumbbells, bars, discs and bands. The class starts with a basic aerobic workout then goes on to target all those problem areas. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Spinning A fun aerobic workout using stationary bikes and motivating music. If your goals include weight loss, improving cardiovascular performance and endurance or strengthening and toning your legs, this class is for you. Spinning is suitable for all fitness levels from complete beginners to elite athletes. This class is also ideal for participants looking for a high energy workout with very low impact on the joints.
Tai-Chi Chen style Tai-Chi helps achieve optimum health, confidence and calmness through the practice of a powerful and effective combat system. Tai-Chi is one of the exquisite works of Chinese Martial Arts and loved for its positive effect in health preservation and self defence. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Vinyasa Power Yoga Vinyasa Yoga poses flow and run together. The class is about building strength and correct techniques. The breath will be used in a synchronized movement from one pose to the next using an inhale or exhale. This class provides the opportunity to try a deeper yoga variation.
Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation Focuses on hip opening and the lower back, with benefits for whole body. Frees up tight connective tissue capsules that form around the muscles and joints and limit mobility. This yoga practice is gentle and slow, which affects the deeper connective tissues of the body. The Meditation aspect creates a peaceful mind, which ultimately stimulates happiness and clarity in our lives. Meditation is about teaching the mind to be aware of the present feelings and not reaction from our memories.
Yoga Core and Balance This class uses modified classical yoga poses to create strength and flexibility. Postures used throughout this class will vary each week dependant on abilities.
Zumba This is a fun, new and exciting dance class that is sweeping the nation! It is a fusion of Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves. If you like to dance whilst having fun this class is ideal.
Zumba Gold Zumba Gold takes the original Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pace to suit the needs of the older active participant. What stays the same are all the elements the Zumba Fitness-Party is known for. The zesty, Latin music, such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton. Exhilarating, easy to follow moves and an invigorating party-like atmosphere. Active older adults want friendship, excitement and fitness as a regular part of their weekly schedule and Zumba Gold is the perfect fit!

Updated: 3 April 2014