Issue - decisions

Secondary School Places and Sixth Forms


Cabinet received a report of the Cabinet Member for Schools seeking approval, subject to the statutory consultation process of the strategy to meet secondary school priorities, including proposals to provide sufficient high quality school places to meet forecasted demand and to establish sixth forms within the Borough.


Cabinet heard a representation from Mr Jeremy Rodell, speaking on behalf of the Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign. He raised a number of points regarding the variables which impacted on statistical analysis for future secondary school place planning.


In responding to the points raised, Councillor Hodgins explained that the Council had already committed to undertake a thorough consultation with all residents regarding secondary school priorities and future use of the Clifden Site. This would run alongside the Council’s ongoing commitment to ensure quality across all secondary provision within the Borough.


Resolved: That Cabinet:


1. Approve the proposals to meet secondary school priorities, subject to the subsequent statutory consultation and approvals process.


Updated: 3 April 2014