New Village newsletters are out now!

Residents who have an online Richmond Account will now receive quarterly updates on Council and community news relevant to the Village in which they live.

In the 2011 All in One survey, residents were asked what they like about where they live and what could be improved. We launched the Village Newsletters to tell you what work is being done as a result of your feedback. Until the end of 2012, these newsletters were printed and distributed to every household.

Now they have gone digital! With the first ‘e’ edition being emailed to over 21,000 residents across the borough.

Each newsletter focuses on local activity in each village, such as regeneration plans and importantly what work is being carried out by community groups or individuals.

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If you don’t have a Richmond Account and want to receive regular news, information about opportunities, events and activities in your local area – you can register for a Richmond Account online.

Latest edition

You can view the latest Village Newsletters using the links below:

Previous editions

You can view and download previous editions of your Village Newsletter.

Submit your story idea

If you are a local resident, community group or organisation and want to submit an article or event for the next edition.

Due to limited space, articles should contain no more than 60 words with a maximum 10 word headline. Ideally all articles should include an additional weblink for further information and should be submitted with an image or photograph.


Next edition

The next edition of the Village newsletter will be distributed near the beginning of March.

The deadline for submission of articles for the March edition of the Village Newsletters has now passed. Keep an eye on this page for information on when you can submit articles for the next edition of newsletters.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of articles received, we cannot guarantee that every one will be included. Articles will also be subject to editing.

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Updated: 14 March 2014